Broken touchscreen

  1. Prodigy98
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    Prodigy98 , Oct 6, 2015 :
    i broke my phone back in May and still broken the screen is not too bad, but half the touch screen doesnt work so i think its the digitizer can anyone with experience help me out please

  2. decahillane
    Froyo Oct 6, 2015

    decahillane , Oct 6, 2015 :
    My screen repair odyssey with OnePlus is ongoing. Dropped it when opening the car door back on Sep 6 and the screen cracked and touchscreen became inoperable. Took almost a week to get a response from OP. Finally 10 days late they gave me a repair quote (125) and sent me the info for a DHL pick up of my phone. I went into recovery and did a factory reset to wipe it. It was shipped to the UK (from USA) and I've been waiting anxiously for a response. I finally started bugging them and had to send proof of delivery, which I got from DHL. Several more days go by and today I finally get an invoice to pay with a promise I'll have what I'm guessing is a new or refurbed phone back within 5 days of payment. It's been literally a month since I contacted them for the repair. The worst part is I've had to use my wife's old iPhone 5 during this time. So embarrassing. I am thinking I'll get the OPO back and sell it for a Nexus 5. I can't handle such shoddy customer service. NOT worth the money savings.