Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to the air for The Last Ride

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    @YRJ thanks for the amazing banner and proofreading!

    “NINE NINE!”

    Come on guys, nobody?


    If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can probably hear Jake say these lines. Love it or hate it, the show has gathered a huge pop culture following. In fact, the show has even been resurrected once, thanks to a huge fan campaign, when NBC picked it up for Season 6.

    The popular sitcom is finally coming to an end this year, but we get a last season with the ninety-ninth precinct starting TODAY. If you’re living under a rock, the season 8 premiere airs today on Peacock. Dan Goer and Michael Schur have blessed the fans with one last season before they wrap it up for good. The season 7 finale set up a lot of storylines for this show, and I’m very excited to see how that goes.

    Here’s a brief recap of what happened at the end of Season 7, and stuff we got to know from the Season 8 trailer:

    1. Jake and Amy became parents to a baby boy, who they named McClane “Mac” Peralta.

    2. Holt might become commissioner.

    3. There’ll be another halloween heist, but there’s only two people in the precinct who haven’t won anything yet.

    4. Sarge and Amy are due for some career growth.

    5. The 99 might be disbanded.

    I’ve always loved this show because of its rather clean-cut comedy, well-handled character arcs, and (I cannot overstate the importance of this) the lack of a laugh track. But there’s another, deeper reason why I feel so attached to this show - back in 2013 when this show started airing, I had just joined high school, and this show used to be something my friends and I would discuss. It's still one of the few shows I remember talking about in conversations, and it reminds me of that time.


    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the last major sitcoms that became part of mainstream culture. Everyone’s heard phrases such as “NOICE!”,”Toit!”, “Title of your…” or “cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool” - all great things we got from the show! As we move to streaming, we are getting more and more great and innovative TV shows, but not enough truly transcendent cultural moments that keep people talking even when the show isn’t on air. Netflix always has something new to watch, but we rarely discuss those shows for longer than a few weeks at a time.

    Do you have any fan theories about Season 8? Do you think season 8 will give its characters the endings we want? Let’s discuss and watch some DIE HARD!!!!!!


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    Sadly i have to catch up. I left it at season 7 😂😂🥲🥲🥲 i just love gina and doug judy. Gina's pure confidence and impact is always missed. And What to so about our Pontiac Bandit.... Rosa rosaaa😂😂😂

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    Can anyone think of any marketing campaign or tag lines Oneplus or any other company used for their launches that can be paired with "Title of your XeS Tape"😂????

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    That's a given but in addition to that the show will also address the recent BLM movements and issues related to police brutality. When things happen in the real world, it is paramount for showmakers to address them, lest it reduces to yet another fantasy fiction that's a far cry from reality. I believe that's what sets B99 apart. In the wake of the events, the crew paused filming and scrapped nearly four scripts which they described was “an effort to start over.”

    Personally for me, Season 8 is going to be rollercoaster ride (albeit the last one) just watching the teaser brought me to tears and while it's certainly sad to witness the end of an era I wish they see them exit with a bang!

    Also, I wish to see more Gina moments.

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