Browser Tabs Refreshing

  1. ruggerxpunk Froyo Sep 24, 2015

    ruggerxpunk, Sep 24, 2015 :
    I've been loving COS 12.1.

    I've also always kept about 35 tabs in my Chrome session open for the past...oh I don't know, 8 months or so.

    The 35 tabs would always stay where they were and everything was great. Until today.

    Now every time I open Chrome, my current webpage (which is usually Facebook and logged in), will refresh itself, along with all 35 other tabs. This uses my LTE data, drains my battery, etc. Also, if I press the icon to switch tabs, it default to showing the 1st open tab, rather than the last. This is different behavior from the last 8 months or longer.

    I did a test using the stock browser and Firefox. I also cleared out all my 35 tabs and only opened 3. They all exhibited the same behavior - refreshing themselves when I open the app.

    Does anyone know what could have caused this? I haven't changed anything, and Chrome was updated 9/17.

    Thanks for anyone willing to help.
    Edit* - I also rebooted to recovery and cleared my cache.
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  2. meatandy Oreo Sep 24, 2015

  3. Kyle.Griffiths Honeycomb Sep 24, 2015

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  4. ruggerxpunk Froyo Sep 24, 2015

    ruggerxpunk, Sep 24, 2015 :
    Sorry, I mean to say that yes, I cleared my Cache.

    I thought about that too, but I already rebooted my phone, cleared cache in recovery, and only launched Chrome (no other apps). Is there a way to check how much RAM is being used in the system to see if there's a leak maybe?

    The annoying thing about this is that websites are logging me out each time it refreshes, so I have to re-log in...every...single...time.

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  5. Kyle.Griffiths Honeycomb Sep 25, 2015

    Kyle.Griffiths, Sep 25, 2015 :
    There is a way to check.
    Go to settings
    On the tabd on the top you should see one called running
    It shows all running apps and what ram usage each is using

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