OxygenOS Bugs, Feature Requests and Small Review

  1. G_Nick_T_FTnG
    Gingerbread Dec 12, 2017

    G_Nick_T_FTnG , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first OnePlus Phone. In the past I have always had Nexus devices, but I'd thought I'd try this one due to the performance specs on it and OnePlus's reputation.

    Battery Life and Charging - A+
    I have to say, the battery life on this thing is nothing short of fantastic. Under my normal usage (I don't play a lot of games), I get over 2 days of battery life. My older phones wouldn't even make it 8 hours and that made it difficult when there wasn't a charger around or you simply forgot to charge it before going out. With this phone, I can confidently leave the house with 30% battery life and go through a work day with no issues. Charging to full within 1 hour and 15 minutes is amazing.

    Design - A+
    Design is on-par with other flagships out there, the edge to edge display is really nice and the placement of buttons and fingerprint sensor are exactly where they should be.

    Display - A+
    I've always loved the AMOLED displays and this one is excellent. I have heard others having issues, but mine performs properly.

    OxygenOS - B- A Few bugs and 'as designed' features that shouldn't have been.
    While I like Oxygen OS, the dialer and contacts should have been left to Google.

    The swipe down to answer is cumbersome and not a fluid motion of the thumb. Think about it. Its much easier and comfortable to give a 'thumbs up' motion then it is to bury your thumb to produce 4 fingers. Same principle here. And due to muscle memory of people coming from other phones, you tend to reject calls from people more often then not. The OS should change this to swipe up, or at least give owners the option to choose.

    EDIT - Not sure why my 'bug report' on SmartLock was omitted from this, but it breaks on reboot. for instance. If you have SmartLock on in trusted devices, it allows you to say "OK Google" from the lock screen and it will unlock it and wait for you to say a command. However, if you restart your phone, smart unlock is blank and doesn't work. You then have to go in to trusted devices, turn it off, reboot and turn it back on again. However if you restart your phone again, the same problem occurs.

    Would I buy oneplus again? Still to be determined. After reading about OnePlus and their reputation on listening to their users, I bought one. Its a great phone, but frustrating at times and I hope their support listens. Support and OS Updates are the most important thing to me and thats why I've always gone with Google Branded phones.

    Reviews out there say OnePlus is a close second to that. Lets hope what I've read turns was accurate.
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