Bullets Wireless Z: A dash of color, so you can do you

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    Hi everyone,

    In the past, Bullets Wireless earphones have primarily been available in a classic black. However, the new Bullets Wireless Z series is shaking things up with four bright and exciting colors. With a wider variety in tones, there is sure to be one that suits your unique personality. In this article we’ll look at each color and why we chose it.

    Classic, understated and elegant, black has always been a go-to color for OnePlus. Its main appeal is the versatility it offers since it pairs effortlessly with any outfit. To add a slight edge to the design, the black Bullets Wireless now comes with a red trim. You’re sure to have timeless style with Bullets Wireless Z in black.


    Traditionally thought of as a color reminiscent of the sea and sky, blue adds a lightness to the new Bullets Wireless Z collection. This upbeat and high-energy shade of blue pulses with a sense of adventure. Whether you want to see the polar ice caps or idyllic island shores, these bright blue earphones ensure that your backtrack travels with you.

    Mint Green
    Fresh and bright, mint green is a constant reminder of spring and new growth. We added this crisp new color to our range for its youthful feel and its ties to the natural world. Predicted to be one of the most popular colors of 2020, Bullets Wireless Z in mint green are sure to add the perfect dash of color to your tech-wardrobe.

    Oat White
    Soft, natural and with a sense of warmth, Oat White is the color of minimalistic sophistication. Subtle undertones add depth to the design, making these Bullets Wireless Z’s easy to match with any outfit. If your style leans more towards an understated elegance, then these earth-toned earphones are a match for you.

    OnePlus Bullets Wireless earphones have always been a product we’re proud of. With the addition of three more colors, we believe that along with a high-quality audio experience, Bullets Wireless Z earphones add an extra element fun to your wardrobe.

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    It's available on Amazon and the OnePlus Store too!

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    Hey @Yvonne F.:)
    I can easily tell you my fav color:
    @Batman360 :)

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    unable to find can u send link

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    Loving the new colors, especially mint and oat! :cool:

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