Bummer of a review from PC Mag

  1. towebud
    Donut May 16, 2014

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  2. Cablemodifier
    Gingerbread May 16, 2014

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  3. saminpgh
    KitKat May 16, 2014

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  4. huy3108
    Froyo May 16, 2014

  5. kaedee
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, 2014

    kaedee , May 16, 2014 :
    pre-release yes and although I won't be using one "but the OnePlus One couldn't route calls through a wired headset." is concerning. As extreme as the specs are, need the basic phone features (call quality, etc.) to work like the big boys

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  6. JoeMaring
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, 2014

  7. sryan1987
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    sryan1987 , May 16, 2014 :
    I believe the disappointments you're referring to can be solved in future software updates. May have been discussed in another thread.

  8. FargoBison
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    FargoBison , May 16, 2014 :
    Since when is a getting an excellent rating and being named editors's choice a bummer of a review? To those of you looking for a perfect phone....you are never going to find it. Software updates will fix some of these issues.

  9. Rob W
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, 2014

    Rob W , May 16, 2014 :
    If you read through the announcements section, you'll be able to find out.
    Also, please stay on topic. ;)

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  10. Moogie
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

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  11. Haverholm
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    Haverholm , May 16, 2014 :
    I was just about to post this. It gets 4.5/5... that's absolutely not a bummer! Especially, when you know that the speaker issue is being handled in a software update.

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  12. Moogie
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    Moogie , May 16, 2014 :
    In another review I read, the writer said they released an update and it did in fact improve the call quality of the speaker.

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  13. Cablemodifier
    Gingerbread May 16, 2014

  14. wridley
    Gingerbread May 16, 2014

    wridley , May 16, 2014 :
    Definitely! You can count on the CM team to fix that bug!

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  15. Azkendrick
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    Azkendrick , May 16, 2014 :
    So they gave the phone 4.5+ on pre-release software, I'd say that's pretty damn good. Nothing mentioned is new and it's been stated that these things will be fixed with an update.

  16. oaklandnative
    Honeycomb May 16, 2014

    oaklandnative , May 16, 2014 :
    That was mentioned in the Android Police review.

    The earpiece above the screen was far too soft, making it hard to hear the other party even in a quiet room.

    After I mentioned this in my initial hands-on, a OnePlus representative said that they were aware of the problem. Sure enough, the first timely software update boosted the volume of the earpiece considerably. It's still not quite as loud as I'd like it, but you won't be straining to hear someone unless you're getting some pretty loud noises around you. The other parties in my phone calls all said I was coming in loud and clear.​

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  17. Nagasaky2x
    Jelly Bean May 16, 2014

    Nagasaky2x , May 16, 2014 :
    Almost all of the "issues" that are being found are software-related, so they can be easily fixes (the max volume is a change on a small part of code, can be done in a few minutes).

    About the speakers, well, you can't expect more from a tiny sized speaker. HTC has a pretty big bezel to put in those "massive" speakers, but you can't get deep bass with small speakers.

  18. faseeh
    Gingerbread May 16, 2014

    faseeh , May 16, 2014 :
    every reviewer is taking abt call volume however that should be fixed in final version of software

  19. Devitas93
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 16, 2014

    Devitas93 , May 16, 2014 :
    pretty much this tbh +1 :p

  20. jostalli
    Eclair May 16, 2014

    jostalli , May 16, 2014 :
    who uses phones to make calls anymore? I use my Nexus 5 to play Angry Birds and update my Facebook status.