Burdenless Design at the Heart of our New OnePlus TVs

  1. Pete
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    Pete , Jun 26, 2020 :
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    Hi friends,

    By now, you might know that “burdenless” is our philosophy in designing our products.

    With every choice we make, we ask, how do we avoid imposing on the user? How can we design our products in a way that liberates you to achieve what you want? In the end, we want to provide you with great products that are not only the most powerful, but also take the weight off your daily life, making your digital routine more efficient. Less complicated. “Burdenless”. 

    This time, with our brand-new series of OnePlus TVs, burdenless design remains at the core of what we are bringing to all of you. Today, I want to share some of the details in our mid-range segment TV.

    Immerse Yourself in an Endless View
    The purpose of a TV is to show you what's on it, not the body of the TV itself. So, in designing our TVs, we wanted to fully immerse in the screen instead of being distracted by everything around it.

    By optimizing the internal design, we got rid of the conventional four-sided frame and covered the entire front with a sheet of matte black glass. When the screen is dark, it fades into the background of your room, and never calls attention to itself.

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    When you turn on the TV, you will notice that the actual bezels are absolutely minimal, leaving you to focus on what's on the screen itself. Actually, in terms of screen-to-body ratio, the new mid-range segment OnePlus TV is up to 95%, one of the highest if not the highest at this price point.

    No Detail is Too Small
    And of course, with a OnePlus product, our interest isn't just in the big picture, but also the smaller details.

    When you look closely, you'll discover that its design is different from the rounded corners used in most TVs. This one has four, nearly 90 degree corners to match the screen. 

    To achieve those clean corners, we adopted a special aluminum alloy process. We use one single piece of aluminum alloy to cover the left, top, and right middle frame to give it a more unified look instead of using three separate pieces of metal like many others do.

    At the same time, we also further reduced the thinness of the TV. The thinnest part of our new mid-range segment TV is just 6.9mm, which is even thinner than our flagship smartphone.

    slimmer design comparison creative.jpg

    Last year, when we launched the OnePlus TV Q1 series, many were impressed by our attention to even the back of the TV. We brought that uncompromising attention to detail to our new mid-range segment TV as well.

    In the upper part of the new TV, we adopted a special kind of stainless steel composite panel, which is thin yet incredibly strong and helps to achieve that 6.9mm thickness. In the bottom part, you will find the return of the premium carbon fiber pattern, something we first developed in the OnePlus TV Q1 series.

    Stay Tuned for More on July 2

    These are just some of the details on what we have done for the mid-range segment TV. And there's a lot more to say about the entry-level TVs, too. 

    To find out more about these two new series of OnePlus TVs and the incredible design work that went into making them, please stay tuned to our launch event on July 2.

    Never Settle.

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    SeanPlus , Jun 26, 2020 :
    I'd like this on the Nord and/or 9 Series.

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    Great News...


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    I really wonder how these new TVs will be !
    Hopefully something the whole world could enjoy :)

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    That's much thinner than the Q1 series too :eek: Nice

    I am looking forward to hear about the entry-level TVs :)


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    6.9 mm thickness & Screen to Body ratio of 95% is too good for a TV.
    Now everything moves around is display of Color & Pricing. Waiting for a great Debut on 2nd July and wish you all the best.

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