Buying old OP Devices

  1. Markus_Lugert Gingerbread Aug 12, 2017

    Markus_Lugert, Aug 12, 2017 :
    Hello everyone, as stated in the thread title i am looking for older OP devices (1,2,X) in mint condition as i would showcase them in my home in my very own "tech Hall-of-Fame". As it is very hard to reach those persons at OP who may still have access to those devices (and i bet there will be units somewhere) I hope to get some attention through the community forum as support isn't able to help. I clearly want to add that I don't want these devices for free!!!! I would pay OP the normal price but I do not want used devices - that's why eBay or else is no option. If somebody could help or at least has a clue how to make this possible, I would highly appreciate it!

  2. jpts Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 12, 2017

  3. malidan Marshmallow Aug 13, 2017

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  6. Tobikage Marshmallow Aug 19, 2017

    Tobikage, Aug 19, 2017 :
    For Sale : Limited Edition OnePlus Loop VR Headset (Unused)
    Rare Collectors Item. 1 of 30,000 :rolleyes:

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