Buzzing sound during calls. Why?

  1. anjalidas91
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2017

    anjalidas91 , Aug 11, 2017 :
    Anyone else using oneplus 5 experiencing a buzzing sound during calls. If yes, do you know how to fix it? It's been just 15 days since I bought the phone.

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  2. regiakb
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2017

  3. kareldansen
    Froyo Aug 12, 2017

    kareldansen , Aug 12, 2017 :
    Could it be your cheek touching the fingerprint scanner? And then giving the failed scan feedback? You can reproduce by touching the scanner with any part of your hand (or other skin).

  4. prytz
    Froyo Aug 12, 2017

    prytz , Aug 12, 2017 :
    I'm having the same effect. I believe it's buzzing when the person you're calling answered (and when they hang up).

  5. anjalidas91
    Cupcake Sep 10, 2017

    anjalidas91 , Sep 10, 2017 :
    hey everyone! I found a way to fix it. If you turn off the WiFi, it doesn't make that sound. hope this helps!

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  6. anjalidas91
    Cupcake Sep 10, 2017

    anjalidas91 , Sep 10, 2017 :
    Not that one. I experienced it while I was on call and the conversation was on.

  7. prytz
    Froyo Sep 10, 2017

    prytz , Sep 10, 2017 :
    So just randomly?

  8. Anand PM
    Honeycomb Sep 10, 2017

    Anand PM , Sep 10, 2017 :
    I've had that experience too. why don't you use the feedback to report the issue like i did. Maybe they will look into it when they are working on the next update.

  9. Raresch
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2018

    Raresch , Aug 10, 2018 :
    Sorry for the late answer, but I was not aware of the sound until late May. The sound really comes from the WI-FI module. You hear it in phone calls because it's the only time you actually got the phone to the ear.

    The OP 5T makes a buzzing sound that you can hear through the earpiece. But it is actually all the time there and it's more audible when the WI-FI is turned on. You can hear it through the back panel as well. I have sent it to repair multiple times and got a refund.

    The sad problem is that OP6 makes the same sound, although it's less disturbing that it was on 5T. Maybe the glass back and the smaller earpiece cancel out some of the noise. Still there in the quiter night, but not really audible in phone calls. The background noise is stronger then he buzzing internals.