1. anupritaisno1 KitKat Jun 19, 2019

    anupritaisno1, Jun 19, 2019 :
    I believe I achieved the goal I intended to initially achieve: confusing the user

    You see if an article is simple and easy to understand you could say that there is no stress involved and the individual after a while starts skimming through it. This becomes even worse when you just give them a conclusion. They don't make any effort to arrive at one themselves and never see you're wrong

    What I'm trying to say is

    "Many people have misconceptions about caches so here's what a cache is

    Might look really good on a resume and if you're writing for your college it's quite a nice writing style indeed. You fill a few pages, impress a few examiners, give them the illusion that you've understood and then they "resonate" with you to think they've understood

    It's also something we are taught from day one in our education system but really this ain't education. It's taking in information and vomiting it out. We can make several such threads and start grading people but that won't mean anything because the understanding is absent. This is truly a preferable but the most damaging writing style indeed. It tells the reader to turn off their brain and accept what is in front of them as absolute. This way they think they've understood but really all that happens is that their existing beliefs are further reinforced

    It's not just one person but I've told many people to read several existing threads and they come to these conclusions:
    Before: wiping cache is good to reduce bugs after a system update
    After: bro do you know what caches are? Here read this *link*. It is very important to wipe cache to reduce bugs after a system update

    Maybe the content is actually good and easy to understand but I'll shed some wisdom upon you

    In reality the effort to obtain a result hardly matters. What matters is success and failure. Failure has something to teach and success is but temporary. You could write a good thread but tell me how many users stopped wiping caches after reading such threads? I would say the answer is close to 0

    You see all these school assignment like articles stuff more information in your brain but do not tell you how to apply it

    Meanwhile what I linked to
    Only one concept is introduced and I give the person a choice to arrive at the conclusion. The consequences of their decisions are made clear. Even if a definition is important the user has no real use for it. It is useless and redundant information. The definition will keep on changing and you can never define what a cache is because if you arrive at a clear definition then no such thing as a cache would exist in the first place

    The question and answer format starts with a question or the common mistake which people assume to be true. Immediately a huge "WRONG" is shown and the correct answer along with a citation is provided

    Oh and that's the only article to provide external references and proofs. There is no other article that ever did this

    Instead of stuffing more information you instead face a lack of information while reading this thread. While this can confuse you it can also be beneficial as it will provide the necessary stress to actually go do some research

    A famous quote:
    A wise man once said
    But then again this doesn't sound quite right. The article you linked to takes the horse to the water but really the horse never drinks the water but just looks at it, appreciates it and in your case shares it

    But then again another wise man destroyed this quote and this is my favourite version
    You see. I like it when you call my thread confusing and difficult to understand. That thread at least as per my measurements has an 80% success rate

    My thread before and after:
    Before: wipe caches to prevent problems
    After: wipe caches to introduce problems

    Almost every user who's read this thread has immediately changed their outlook on wiping caches. You really can see that the point really gets through

    You hate this thread not because it's confusing but rather because it denies everything you've ever learnt. Accepting this thread would mean accepting that you were wrong all these years. That is why you hate the thread

  2. B_Wrath Marshmallow Jun 19, 2019

    B_Wrath, Jun 19, 2019 :
    Okay. I know I'm chipping in on a conversation that doesn't involve me. But, I promised myself somehow have painstakingly read through this whole mess of a post. And here are my thoughts on it.
    You lost the plot in the first line. You confuse a reader, you have lost a person who can learn from you.

    Confusing someone can work when you are writing a novel or a thriller or a self boasting post like this of yours, but when it comes to educating oneself, it needs to be crisp and to the point. It should explain in simplicity.
    If an article is simple, it will only cause the reader to go through it.
    Honestly, I have never read the links in your posts you have shared because it's an incoherent mess. Something has to make sense in all that rambling. If I don't find something which interests me, I am out of that thread.
    This is completely wrong. The efforts does matter. What kind of effort is put says what kind of a person the writer is and how knowledgeable he/she is.
    So does the efforts and the journey taken which led to the failure.
    You have written a completely illegible thread but tell me, how many users have stopped wiping caches after reading your thread? I would say, the answer is close to 0.

    P.S: see what I did there? I just assumed something about some thread without having a proper backup data. Just like you always seem to do.
    You see all the posts which are mocking you and your approach but you still don't know how to process of and apply the solutions.
    The problem you have is, you assume that everybody here is interested in finding out a solution in time of difficulty. Sometimes, it is better to give a solution (I don't care if you think that my solution is wrong, because I have done it and it worked for me as well as plenty of others who have followed it, but we can argue this day long and I really don't want to) and put that stressed person at ease.
    I have had my share of telling people to search, but when a person is really in need of help, I don't sit on my high horse and tell them to learn by themselves.

    Tell me, just assume that you don't know anything about automobiles apart from driving it. On a highway, you have a breakdown. You call up the help center and tell them your problem, so you want them to tell the solution of riddle you to find the solution on your own?
    The problem is, the horse doesn't even wants to look at the water in your thread. It is repulsed my the unwanted aggression and violent waves.
    Again, thinking such high of yourself eh? You are not the only person knowledgeable around here. There are many others who convey the same thing in a better way and most of them learnt from those guys. Not you. I can be very sure of that.
    Leave alone about accepting they were wrong. When are you going to accept that your approach is wrong? The way you think so high and mighty of yourself is wrong?

    Knowledge is a powerful thing. But the way you use it says all about you. Never for once think that you know everything and others are wrong. For all you know, there maybe someone more knowledgeable than you.
    Learn to be humble and learn to help others instead of taunting them.

    For all the knowledge you claim to have, you have a lot to learn.

    I'm not going to respond to any of your replies and make this more personal. I just wanted to give my two cents on how you are behaving around here.

    Have a good day.
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  3. Nick 59 Lollipop Jun 19, 2019

    Nick 59, Jun 19, 2019 :
    If that was really your goal not only are you wasting everyone's time here but you also went about it in a strange and inefficient way. Far more likely that you are embarrassed by your earlier posts (now not visible, strangely) and are introducing a red herring.

    Waffling around the subject (much like your "much better" thread) but still avoiding your main error. You stated there were "much better" threads but failed to link any. I asked you to link them and you spat your dummy out and ended up here. Ask yourself this - would it not have been better to simply post a link to your wonderful thread in the first place?

    Firstly I did NOT call your thread confusing OR difficult to understand. (Read replies again.)
    Secondly, 80% success? Really? Please explain (PM if you wish) how you calculate the "success rate" of a forum thread and also how you know "almost every user...has immediately changed their outlook". There was no survey in the thread and I'd read it without having my outlook immediately changed or being asked for feedback. ;)

    I have NOT said I hate your thread, or anything else for that matter. (Read replies again.)
    I HAVE said that I do not agree with your assertion that it was "much better and gets the point through much more effectively" nor your unwillingness to simply link the bl00dy thread in the first place in order to "confuse the user".

    You have a very high opinion of yourself (classic Dunning-Kruger effect) and it may amuse you to toy with 'lesser mortals' but you are certainly not as smart as you think you are and I doubt there is anything I can say to say to change your unpleasant mix of arrogance and attitude because, as the old proverb goes:
    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. ;)
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  4. Bintang12 Honeycomb Jun 20, 2019

    Bintang12, Jun 20, 2019 :
    Yep,finally some meaningful conversation in "delete cache" thread.
    I've been looking for this