Call/Dialer app - 05Q issue

  1. Armand
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 27, 2015

    Armand , Feb 27, 2015 :
    Well, Hello.
    Yesterday, I decided to re-get myself into rom flashing, as I was sick about oneplus usual delays about lollipop.
    After I flashed cleanly first blisspop, and then switched to paranoid, I was not surprised about battery drain so I decided to comet-back stock by flashing the backup I've already made before all of this.

    Globally no problems, but one annoying : call/dialer on the cm stock app.
    The app/contacts works great, it is just that when I have finished to type the number and press the call icon, then black screen, the hardware buttons are active but when pressing back or whatever it doesn't respond..
    Calls are working because I hear the voice but so can't stop it.

    I was blocked on this screen, so recovery and reboot each time, pretty annoying.
    Here would you think that a flashable zip file of the stock app would end the problem ?
    Does I have to wait for the next ota to resolve this, or do I have to re-flash the 05Q ?

    I tried first some alternative call app, like exdialer etc but it does nothing..
    Ideas ?

    Waiting for your answers, ;)
    I think this is solvable..

    EDIT : the local user is not working properly, picture doesn't want to change etc..
    I think that I will have to re-do a clean stock rom flash process.
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  2. Reytim
    Donut Mar 30, 2015

    Reytim , Mar 30, 2015 :
    No answers?? i have a very similar problem. Goes black after the call starts, cant do anything at all except restart. However for me the phone/dialer responds (without restarting) only after the other person hangs up (since i am unable to end the call).

  3. lokesh3440
    Honeycomb Mar 30, 2015

    lokesh3440 , Mar 30, 2015 :
    Evertime when you switch from a Lollipop ROM,After you restore your CM 11S backup;Don't forget to flash 05q extras(contains radio,firmware). Here you go :
    Post a feedback if it worked.

  4. Deadclysm
    Froyo Mar 30, 2015

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    Froyo Mar 30, 2015

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 15, 2015

  7. Evokkimus
    KitKat Nov 2, 2015

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    KitKat Nov 2, 2015

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