Call Recording files source folder. via OnePlus 9R

  1. Aayuagr
    Cupcake Oct 21, 2021

    Aayuagr , via OnePlus 9R , Oct 21, 2021 :
    I was having oneplus 7 in which oneplus provided a separate folder for all the call recordings where i was easily able to find,share,delete the call recording of any possible time i.e., one month ago,two months ago,an year or two ago also.
    But now about 3 months back i have upgraded to OnePlus 8T and 9R where i can not find the call recording's after a week as the call logs get erased within a week with which the recordings get erased too.
    I have tried every possible thing like checking in android/data/OnePluscommunication, Allowing file manager to show the hidden file, several times of restart of phone , etc but was unable to find call records.

    I had shifted myself to OnePlus due to ease of use but after google dialler app it doesn't seems same anymore as now if you call someone the person knows you are recording his/her call as a voice announces it after they pick call and also Google erases the call logs with recordings.

    I had upgraded to OnePlus 8T and 9R due to my heavy call recording storage problem in OnePlus 7 but now Google doesn't want to keep Recording in storage and my upgrade has been a waste.

    Please help with this and developers please try to provide us the OnePlus dialler which was available in OnePlus 7 with software update as soon as possible.