Call stuttering and bluetooth issue

  1. X1511206666460
    Eclair Dec 12, 2017

    X1511206666460 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I started noticing the issue after the recent update(4.7.4).
    I take a lot of calls on my way to work. Nowadays there is a lot of stuttering. I can barely hear other people. I can only notice this issue on my phone while moving. My earlier phone(Nexus 5) worked flawlessly and even other people sitting in the same car do not experience this issue.
    Also when connecting to car Bluetooth system, there is a huge delay ( more then 10 seconds) during which the other person can not hear me.
    Anyone else facing a similar issue?
    Please help.
    Accidentally opened the issue in General. Can someone move this to support.
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  2. X1511206666460
    Eclair Dec 14, 2017

    X1511206666460 , Dec 14, 2017 :
    I can notice the issue not only on Bluetooth but even on earphones or just the speaker. I can barely talk while in car. Messed up after the update. Please help.