Camera focus

  1. G_Ramesh_Krishnamurthy_v Cupcake Jul 21, 2019

    G_Ramesh_Krishnamurthy_v, Jul 21, 2019 :
    My camera lenses have stopped focussing on an object and continue to remain fuzzy irrespective of how many times I click the screen for focus. Is there something that can be done or is the camera spoilt? I haven't dropped the mobile.

  2. Cosmos_NT Jelly Bean Jul 21, 2019

    Cosmos_NT, Jul 21, 2019 :
    It is because the life of Camera module is over and the issue of autofocus/ blurry photo is old, you need to visit service center in order to replace it. I don't know if they will charge it or not.

  3. Paschfire KitKat Jul 21, 2019

    Paschfire, Jul 21, 2019 :
    This is a commonly known and widely reported HW defect of 3/3T devices, the rear camera looses the ability to focus.

    Take or send your device into a OnePlus service center to have the rear camera module replaced.

    In the future pls use the forums search before creating unnecessary threads like this one.