Camera issue via OnePlus 7

  1. RahulKalwa
    Cupcake Jan 20, 2022

    RahulKalwa , via OnePlus 7 , Jan 20, 2022 :
    Camera Hanging when I opened a portrait mode.
    Phone is hanging too much and also i have something around 25 GB free space.
    Solve these issue as soon as possible

  2. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Jan 20, 2022

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  3. Artemus
    Moderator, Community Hero 2020 Moderator Jan 20, 2022

    Artemus , Jan 20, 2022 :
    When is the last time you wiped your phone? Wiped as in factory reset, mind you.

  4. Caomhin
    9 Series Expert, Participator of the Year Community Expert Jan 21, 2022

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Jan 21, 2022 :
    Clear the Camera App info Cache and App info Storage.

    Also Clear the OnePlus Camera Service App info Cache and App info Storage as well.

    Restart the phone. Check if this can help.

    If you don't see any improvement after trying the suggestions given. Please send Bug reports and give Feedback on the issues back to the OnePlus OOS developers. So that they can investigate them. Thank you.