Camera Picture Quality

  1. Sandy K
    Froyo Feb 21, 2015

    Sandy K , Feb 21, 2015 :
    Hi all OPO owners,
    I'm using OPO since last 2 months. I've been using Galaxy S3 previously. But Samsung provides degraded hardware in India thus I switched to OPO. I've compared picture quality of OPO with other phones from Samsung,Sony. But it was not up to the mark even though it is 13MP. When I zoom into picture, I can see pixel distorted. It's quality is not even close to Galaxy S3. Is there any camera specific setting I'm missing here. Please help me with this. Only this is cons of OPO.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. venkataravi
    Jelly Bean Feb 21, 2015

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  3. indianrashi
    KitKat Feb 21, 2015

    indianrashi , Feb 21, 2015 :
    did u try transferring both pics on laptop and compare??
    coz if you will compare an amoled screen with an lcd, you will never be satisfied with one plus.
    I was also using s3 previously.

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  4. MONU2015
    Donut Feb 22, 2015

  5. Paarkhi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 22, 2015

  6. businessgypsy
    Cupcake Feb 23, 2015

    businessgypsy , Feb 23, 2015 :
    With respect to @Paramananda , my experience is that FV-5 is a very useful tool for collecting the image, but for editing the resulting image you might want to try some of the color/light/focus/temperature, etc. apps such as the free PhotoShop app. You may find that, like me, you much prefer to manipulate the components of your images rather than relying on pre-configured filters. Enjoy!
    RAW image manipulated in Photoshop

  7. MONU2015
    Donut Feb 23, 2015

    MONU2015 , Feb 23, 2015 :
    Thanks for your reply. But it shows more editing options in default edting tools but these are unavailable to me . only crop rotate and auto are available. When opening edit option a msg pop up saying"Downlading resources some edting tools are unavailable". How to get other options available for editing?

  8. MONU2015
    Donut Feb 28, 2015

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  9. joyssuresh
    Cupcake Feb 28, 2015

    joyssuresh , Feb 28, 2015 :
    The reviews on OPO have already pointed this out. I guess, OPO team needs to seriously consider this on the next release (if we ever have one) :p