1. G_lovashish_aggarwal_put
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2018

    G_lovashish_aggarwal_put , Jul 24, 2018 :
    One plus 6 is an awesome device but one thing I don't like is the camera app as the pictures from it get soft automatically as the pixels interpolates and image quality degrades.
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  2. Anujith
    Cupcake Jul 24, 2018

    Anujith , Jul 24, 2018 :
    camera performing same as other Android phone. picture get soften, it's Soo disappointing thing.

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  3. j.wagner
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2018

    j.wagner , Jul 26, 2018 :
    yeah, Ive noticed softness too so using snaps without editing is close to impossible. I also noticed that there is some glow effect around the edges of objects, which is quite hard to get rid of.

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  5. Sandy K
    Froyo Jul 26, 2018

    Sandy K , Jul 26, 2018 :
    OP6 has d worst camera. Pics r grainy..out of focus.lights r not proper.. I m in total shock how it got good reviews. Im using latest version which is 5.1.9. Even in day light photos are worst.
    They should have invested in d camera more.

  6. Gav_W86
    Moderator Moderator Jul 26, 2018

    Gav_W86 , Jul 26, 2018 :
    whilst there is lots that can be done to improve the camera, there is also a degree of a bad workman always blames his tools.

  7. Sliderpro
    Eclair Jul 26, 2018

    Sliderpro , Jul 26, 2018 :
    Just ask devs for pixel binning on op6 main camera. This feature cuts resolution by 4, but increases dynamic range and picture brightness and allows for 1.5x higher max iso, or much faster shutter speed to eliminate blur.
    They had this sophisticated feature on op5t secondary camera, pioneereed it, but left it to dust sadly without even porting it to op6.

  8. SmartRmaw
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2018

  9. Sliderpro
    Eclair Jul 26, 2018

    Sliderpro , Jul 26, 2018 :
    Yes, post processing like this works, but pixel binning gives several TIMES more light in really dark scenarios, like, evening or night. Pixel binning really expands the range of available shooting situations, allowing to make a decent photo in very low light. Where one plus currently can't hold a candle to huawei p20 pro, because it has pixel binning and 2uum pixel size equivalent.
    Therefore, we need pixel binning technology on oneplus 6 for it to shoot much better in low light. And it can be done. Port from oneplus 5t secondary camera to oneplus 6 main camera is required and that's it.

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  10. nightshade41
    Eclair Jul 27, 2018

    nightshade41 , Jul 27, 2018 :
    is anyone having problems with Auto HDR with the recent firmware update .I've set mine to auto HDR but it's didn't seem to kick in at all .it's not coming on the screen . I've tried different lighting scenarios but I don't see the HDR appear on the screen. when I set HDR to ON it appears the screen but with auto it never appear on the screen no matter what lying scenarios I try and put it in I never see or HDR kicking in . I don't see any difference in the image

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  11. F_Martin_Jakobsen_eRgY
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 27, 2018

    F_Martin_Jakobsen_eRgY , Jul 27, 2018 :
    "there is also a degree of a bad workman always blames his tools." YEP! You can have have a expensive camera like Nikon 4S and still get bad shots if the person behind is bad workman!!!

  12. jgprabin
    Cupcake Jul 29, 2018

    jgprabin , Jul 29, 2018 :
    camera on potrait mode gets shutdown immediately but normal mode is working fine.
    any solution guys.

  13. Sandy K
    Froyo Aug 2, 2018

    Sandy K , Aug 2, 2018 :
    Noticed one thing. If you took picture by setting aspect ratio as 4:3 instead of 19:9, pictures are more clear & less grainy. Has anyone noticed that? For 19:9 , it zooms by 1x by default which might be reason for such grainy pics.

  14. bigsport
    Froyo Aug 2, 2018

    bigsport , Aug 2, 2018 :
    Yes because 19:9 is already a crop of the 4:3 shot. Oneplus doesn't tell us that. UT all you have to do is check the info of the pic.

  15. Deactivated User
    Aug 2, 2018

  16. paraggb5@gmail.c
    Cupcake Aug 3, 2018

    paraggb5@gmail.c , Aug 3, 2018 :
    one plus should put pro mode in video... in next update and have to be good slow motion in low light conditions also not blur

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  17. paraggb5@gmail.c
    Cupcake Aug 10, 2018

    paraggb5@gmail.c , Aug 10, 2018 :
    is the full screen display doesn't come without zoom it comes already with zoom u should improve this in update

  18. vijaysankar85
    Donut Aug 10, 2018

    vijaysankar85 , Aug 10, 2018 :
    Yes, I have noticed this issue. It is not working properly. They should do something about it.