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    abhi08638 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Modded Camera
    This is my modded version of the CM CameraNext app. I decided to share this because I have seen many people want to use the Color OS camera because of its low light performance. So far, I have implemented the 16 and 32 second shutter delay and I might add more later on.

    • Root if you want higher bitrate and the fix for the autofocus clicking noise

    • 16 second shutter added
    • 32 second shutter added
    • disable extra shutter button
    • Rename app to "CameraNextMod"
    • Set "Slow Shutter" to the default scene mod on app open
    • 1/4 second slow shutter (User request)
    • 24 second slow shutter (Good balance between 16 and 32)
    • 30 Burst Shots
    • 50 Burst Shots
    • XML code cleanup
    • CM12 Panorama fixed with lib file
    • CM11 and CM11s Flashable zip
    • CM12 Flashable zip
    • BIG Thanks to @nicholaschum for this version
    • Rename package
    • Eliminate need for root
    • New Icon
    • Flashable zips will now only work on their corresponding android versions
    • Add "Experimental" section under settings
    • *ROOT* Double bitrate for 720p and 1080p (Flash the zip to enable)
    • Rename camera from v5 to v6 to keep all the file names the same. No actual change in app versions.
    • *ROOT* Fix Slowmo video quailty (Flash the zip to enable)
    • *ROOT* Max bitrate for 720p and 1080p with fixed slowmo (Flash the zip to enable)
    • *ROOT* Disable Camera sounds (Flash the zip to enable)
    • Rebased on the YU CameraNext app
    • Change version to 005
    • Zero Shutter lag
    • New ViewFinder
    • Video HDR
    • Digital Image Stabilization
    • All features from previous versions
    Couple of things to note before installing V11
    1. Uninstall V10 manually
    2. Smart Scene was removed from the new app but I added a toggle under Experimental called "Best Shot""
    3. When "Best Shot" is enabled, you wont be able to switch scenes
    4. If you have video artifacts, then try disabling video HDR and Video Stabilization

    • addon.d script thanks to [MENTION=3306843]kantjer[/MENTION] (All camera mods will survive nightly flashes) (Need to flash zip)
    • Best Shot toggle
    • Second shutter option replaced with a blank
    • Version Number is on the last page in settings so its easily identifiable
    Notes for V15
    • If you are missing options, make sure you are on V15 by going into the camera settings and then swipe to the "General" page
    • If you have problems, clear the data
    • Shutter speeds lower than 1/30 REQUIRE FULL DAYLIGHT. It is used for capturing very quick shots

    • Based on 05Q firmware
    • New installer for zip files
    • ISO - auto(HJR) is defualt now
    • 1/5000,1/2500,1/1000,1/500,1/250,1/125,1/60 shutter speeds
    • Smart Scene is back
    • HDR Force closes are fixed
    • Video Focus Mode added

    First off, sorry guys for taking so long with this version. I was tinkering with the Color OS cam for a bit

    V16 Notes
    • I optimized the settings for point and shoot
    • To get my settings: reset the app, set quality to 95, Sharpness=6, Contrast=4, Saturation=6

    • 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2500, 1/5000 shutter modes for quick shots (needs daylight and Auto ISO)(See image below)
    • ISO_HJR is default ISO mode
    • Video Focus Mode
    • Fix HDR
    • Reenable ZSL toggle
    • Renable Face Detection toggle
    • Fix RAW derp from last version
    V16A - Tiny update, only cosmetic changes
    • Rename "Slow Shutter" to "Variable Shutter"
      I did this to accurately represent the shutter modes available from 1/5000 (very fast) to 64 seconds (Very Slow)
    • Bring back "4k UHD (CM12)"
    First of all, show your appreciation to [MENTION=6384125]infinityplus[/MENTION], none of this would have been possible without him.

    • Focus ring is now smaller and thinner (User request)
    • Burst Mode Icons added
    • Burst Mode added to quickbar
    • ISO added to quickbar
    • Second Pie menu includes Sharpness,contrast, and saturation
    • 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 Variable Shutter
    • Variable Shutter menu Bug fixed! The options dont reset to auto now!
    • Mix and Matching is now possible

    Notes for V20
    • Variable Shutter can now be used on ALL scenes
    • Burst mode is enabled for ALL scenes
    • Moved autofocus click noise to a separate zip because it forces mono sound to fix it
    • To reenable ZSL make sure Variable Shutter is set to off
      For EX: I can set aqua scene, set the variable shutter to 1 sec and turn burst to 5. It will shoot 5 aqua sslow shutter images in a row without touching it

      EX 2: Turn burst to 5 and use HDR. Now it will take 5 HDR pics without you touching it!

    Once again, Thank [MENTION=6384125]infinityplus[/MENTION]!

    • Added more icons for Saturation, Contrast, and Sharpness
    • Change Second pie menu icon @infinityplus
    • moved and redid ISO icons
    • Focus mode added to the second menu

    • No zips variants because CM12s release is close
    • If you have the zip installed, download V21 Apk and install as normal
    • Remove Focus mode
    • Fix force close

    Notes for Color OS Camera VS CameraNext
    • Color OS Denoise default is off <> CameraNext Denoise default is on
      This is why the CameraNext pictures are smaller. Denoise compresses them, thus the smaller file size. I would recommend turning this off for day shots. On night shots, I highly recommend turning it on, otherwise the pictures will look like garbage with scattered RGB artifacts. This is why Color OS cam provides slightly better detail in night shots
    • Color OS Contrast and Saturation Values are 5 <> CameraNextMod default is 4 and 6 respectively
      Color OS cam has three modes (low, mid, and high). The numeric values are 0,5, and 10. CameraNextMod values ranges from 0-10. I tried to tune it for color accuracy, Your results may vary.
    • Color OS Auto Exposure is set to Center-Weighted <> CameraNextMod Auto Exposure is set to Frame-average

    Color OS Cam by [MENTION=2805784]BOOTMGR[/MENTION]

    Color OS Cam mod port by [MENTION=6384125]infinityplus[/MENTION]

    To use it, you must change the scene mode to "slow shutter" and then select the speed. If you don't have this scene available, then your camera does not support it and won't work.


    Starting from V6 onward, if you're running a modified version of the mixer_paths.xml file, you'll have to remodify it. If you are using one of my audio mods, I'll update them to into the camera fix. Just flash the new file and you're good to go.
    Link to the Thread Below

    Things I can do
    • Remove scenes
    • Rearrange settings
    • Unlock hidden options

    Things I can't do
    • Modify the ViewFinder
    • Change the framerate for 1080p to use 60
    • make the an option for 240 fps

    • Shutter option shows up twice but one is disabled
    • Shutter option might reset after a picture is taken
    • All previous Stock CameraNext Bugs

    I have attached sample images below taken with different shutter speeds (1/2, 1, 2, 8, 16, 32) and with an ISO of 100 at night. Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions

    Credits to @infinityplus for Doing the hard work on V20
    Credits to @kantjer for his addon.d script
    Credits to @nicholaschum for helping rename the app and for the tinted Icon.
    Credits to @SchmilK for the panorama fix for CM12

    To download the app go to my xda thread and download it from there:

    Please do not distribute the app without credits. Just link them to this thread instead.

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    stuie bedubbie , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Thanks I'll try this just flashed cm12 nightly, and found a cameranext apk on xda, but I think its an early edition and panorama mode shuts camera down... I'll try this as the camera was the only thing to stop me changing ROMs before. I've found the cameranext that was on my cm44s the best I've ever used, so with that base and low light fixes hopingvthis one works with cm12 all the way.

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    stuie bedubbie , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Anyone else have this... Running cm12 bacon and this camera app, camera next 2.004 ( from this post) happened with previous 2.002 as well.
    As soon as I touch the panorama symbol the camera shuts down.
    Known issue?
    Possible fix?
    Or just something quirky with my setup?
    Any hints welcome

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    llcooljerry , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Thank you kind Sir. :)

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    abhi08638 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    You already have the stock version installed. Uninstall that and reinstall this

    Everything works fine for me, try clearing the app's data

    Lol calm down there. I am not sure if I'll be able to do that because this only required a simple edit in the XML files but I'll look into it

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  12. abhi08638
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    abhi08638 , Jan 12, 2015 :
    Its a cm12 issue, I can't do anything about it. Does the stock camera work?

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    Laamapalmu , Jan 12, 2015 :
    It doesn't start recording.

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    bl4zar_ , Jan 12, 2015 :
    WOW, that's great! :D
    Just two questions:
    - Isn't there any risk for the camera sensor to capture light for 32 seconds? With the HTC One M7 lots of camera sensors were burned because of the "Zoe" function, that for some reasons kept it opened and, over time, burned it.
    - Is it possible to have a real preview of the photo before taking it, without the current 16:9 AR? (like on the Google Camera, Camera FV-5, etc..)

    Thanks again, this is awesome! ;)
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    abhi08638 , Jan 13, 2015 :
    Sorry guys I have some bad news, anything that requires edits to java files I can't do because its impossible to follow. The reason being that the CM must have been smoking something because they named all of the files and variables things like "Aa.java" and "w.java". Sorry to disappoint :(

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    abhi08638 , Jan 13, 2015 :
    I looked into the Zoe mode and it lloks like it was a problem with their software that kept the camera open. So this should be safe

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    Mahir08 , Jan 13, 2015 :
    Thanks for this...Following your thread.... I really need this....
    Please update your works in your signature....!! :)

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