Can anyone recommend a good smart watch for my Oneplus 7 Pro? Having issues with huawei watch 2


Which smart watch works best with OxygenOs and should I get

  1. Any other wear os watch. Stick with wear os.

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  2. Keep what I have to be honest I'm not gonna get better

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  3. Samsung galaxy watch

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  4. Samsung frontier s3

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  5. Don't get samsung watch they don't work well with Andriod and or OxygenOs

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  1. DelBoyJamie
    Froyo Jun 1, 2019

    DelBoyJamie , Jun 1, 2019 :
    TLDR: My Huawei watch doesn't work well with oxygen os. Doesn't update correctly.
    Also what smart watch with same features do you recommend. And anyone with the Samsung watches let me know if they run good on oxygen os.

    I just want one I know works well with OxygenOs (Oneplus bring your own watch out that would be cool)

    I have a Huawei Watch 2 sport 4G and I have to admit is by far the best smart watch I've had. And I've had a lot (never had a Samsung watch though only wear os watches)

    I honestly love the watch. It has more features than any other wear os watch. Like speaker a and mic so you can make calls etc. I basically need it for work so I can get important messages and calls without the need to use or pull out my phone.
    It works great too. But just got rid of my Mate 20 Pro and purchased a sim free Oneplus 7 Pro and it's having issues.

    It has all permissions I've tried turning on and off battery optimization I've gone through every setting I know to let the huawei health app run and communicate with the watch as much and when ever it wants.

    However it doesn't. My step count for huawei health the widget on home screen doesn't go up in real time. It doesn't even go up. Until I load the huawei app and it syncs and then it updates.
    Hoping someone have a fix or knows a way to allow it to work correctly.

    The app knows there is a issue as when I run it every time it says "please add this app to protected apps to improve the accuracy of step counting"
    But this settings "protected apps isn't a Andriod things its a Huawei things so onepus doesn't have it


    I'm going to give the watch to my son most likely. I can get the 46mm new samsung galaxy watch on amazon for £56 a month for 5 free interest months or I can get the Samsung frontier s3 watch for £39 a month. Ive just spent £800 cash on my oneplus I don't fancy spending £200-300 same time on a new watch.

    So what do you guys think.anyone knows how to solve the connection on watch 2 4g would help. And which watch would you guys recommend a wear os watch which one. And if a Samsung watch works well actually well. Like all features etc then let. Me know cheers.