Can Zen mode be permanently disabled

  1. F_Huw_Dixon_XEpD
    Donut Aug 15, 2019

  2. Logancd1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2019

    Logancd1 , Aug 15, 2019 :
    You could always just not turn it on, if that's what you mean..

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  3. F_Huw_Dixon_XEpD
    Donut Aug 16, 2019

    F_Huw_Dixon_XEpD , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Don't know what you mean by turn it on. I've never turned it on, the notifications just started appearing after the last update. I can't find any way to turn it off.

  4. the_o2
    Marshmallow Aug 16, 2019

    the_o2 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    There is no default way to stop it's notification they enabled it by default, the only thing is disable the notification dots ( and I don't understand the logic for that :tearsofjoy: )
    Try to disable that and see if it makes any difference

    I would suggest you to give them feedback here to

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  5. Logancd1
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2019

    Logancd1 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Oh you're just talking about the notifications, got it. Yea, just refer to @the_o2 's post above, it's the best we've got right now I think.

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  6. krezi1
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2019

    krezi1 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    OnePlus, kindly provide Off/disable option for Zen mode ASAP.
    Zen mode is using my phone's battery and is a totally stupid option to include in first place.

  7. stark2991_PL
    KitKat Aug 16, 2019

    stark2991_PL , Aug 16, 2019 :
    It can't use your battery if it is not enabled.

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  8. Madnezz4Ever
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2019

    Madnezz4Ever , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Turn off notifications for it and stop using it.

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  9. krezi1
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2019

    krezi1 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    I did stopped the notifications, but when I check in App settings it is still running.

  10. krezi1
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2019

    krezi1 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    it was On by default and there is no option to disable it.
    please let me know if you know a way.

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  11. Madnezz4Ever
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 16, 2019

    Madnezz4Ever , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Odd as it's not running on my cell, yet I used it once.

    You also can't disable it, but you can remove it using a computer. You'll have to search the forum for instructions.

  12. krezi1
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2019

    krezi1 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    so I just restarted my phone, and stopped Zen mode....now it seems to stay like that....if it remains inactive like this than I don't need any on/off toggle...my time is already wasted over it.

  13. F_Huw_Dixon_XEpD
    Donut Aug 17, 2019

    F_Huw_Dixon_XEpD , Aug 17, 2019 :
    Ive stopped it as a running service and it disappears from the "running" list, yet shortly thereafter it gets restarted and i get the notifications. I've disabled the notifications supposedly to no avail.

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  14. miko-breem-2
    Donut Aug 18, 2019

    miko-breem-2 , Aug 18, 2019 :
    Do you have a link, please?

  15. G_Pierre_Piques_FrDs
    Cupcake Aug 19, 2019

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  16. shirajad
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2019

    shirajad , Aug 20, 2019 :
    Zen mode can be disabled by swiping right on the desktop to go to the launcher, selecting the settings icon in the top right corner, go to More and use the slider to disable it. Hope this works, thanks!

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  17. gperreault1
    Donut Aug 20, 2019

    gperreault1 , Aug 20, 2019 :
    Sorry, but until I see that I can disable the Zen mode, I will no longer upgrade my oneplus phone to a new model. Just so you know, I bought a 3t, 5, 6t and 7 pro, but this one will be last I fear.

  18. stark2991_PL
    KitKat Aug 20, 2019

    stark2991_PL , Aug 20, 2019 :
    Sorry, but I still don't understand why do you need to disable it? And what do you actually mean by disabling it?

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  19. Vansh99
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2019

    Vansh99 , Aug 20, 2019 :
    I really don't understand what's the big deal. You can literally go on the settings and turn off the notifications and it will never remind you again ( https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...install-zen-mode.1088352/page-2#post-20666301 )

    It consumes little to no battery, I haven't had a single instance where it took enough battery that it appears on the battery draining list.

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  20. gperreault1
    Donut Aug 20, 2019

    gperreault1 , Aug 20, 2019 :
    I don't want to me notified that I used my phone long enough and it's time to put it down. Zen is not my mom, my wife not my boss.