Working Cannot view Thumbnails when I connect Oneplus 6 to the computer.

  1. EvanRemmy
    Donut Sep 29, 2018

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  2. sevoman
    Cupcake Apr 2, 2019

    sevoman , Apr 2, 2019 :
    This is problem with MTP.
    Android phones used to mount as an external storage device when connected to Windows.
    A few Android versions ago, Google decided to change this and use MTP instead. This is so files can be transferred more easily using crappy "transfer/import photos" dialogues from built in windows Software like Windows Photos.
    Now when file explorer expands your file folder containing photos and videos, it only shows ICONS and does not generate thumbnails as it would do automatically with any external USB device.
    Clearing/Rebuilding the thumbnail cache DOES NOT WORK. Stop suggesting that people.
    Either GOOGLE has to include some code allowing for windows access the file folders on the phone as an external storage device, when accessed via file explorer.. OR Windows needs to adapt file explorer to be automatically generate thumbnails for media files when connected to a storage devices designated as MTP. Of course, here is the disconnect, as both companies typically ignore these little incompatibilities as they wold prefer you stick to their ecosystem... Google would prefer you just upload your photos to Google drive/Photos and access them via a browser, and MS wants you to use their crappy Import feature on their Windows Photos app, which doesn't work most of the time. A good middle ground, and a company that seems to regularly fill int he gap between Windows and Google, is Samsung. Currently Samsung galaxy phones, when connected to Windows also mounts as MTP, however for whatever reasons, Samsung has included some code that allows Windows to generate thumbnails when browsing Samsung galaxy phone folders in windows explorer. It's great. Exactly as it used to be in old Android, akin to just browsing an external drive. I hope One Plus will also do this with their Oxygen OS. Really, the best part of having an Android is plug and play ability and if you cant simply browse file folders with thumbnail previews when attached to file explorer then what is the point really? Annoying.


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