Can't see Built-in wallpapers via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Neel2309
    Cupcake Apr 22, 2020

    Neel2309 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 22, 2020 :
    The built-in wallpapers are not available for setting as lock screen wallpaper or home screen wallpapers. The wallpaper section shows only photos of gallary and photos clicked from ONEPLUS globally but there is no default or built-in wallpaper which were available previously.
    Please help with this issue [e]1f64f[/e].

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  3. Gustavo Aspauzo
    Eclair Apr 22, 2020

  4. D@rshan
    Cupcake Apr 23, 2020

  5. K1569987982370
    Cupcake Jun 21, 2020

  6. Artemus.
    Nougat Jun 21, 2020

    Artemus. , Jun 21, 2020 :

    This app has all of the OnePlus stock wallpapers but in a more convenient package.

  7. LarsDekkers
    Gingerbread Jun 21, 2020

    LarsDekkers , Jun 21, 2020 :
    Can definitely confirm this app is amazing, it has 4k quality which is very rare in itself for wallpaper apps, and it has even much more than the standard OnePlus wallpapers you would get. With the beta download you can also implement 'shift' which replaces your wallpapers on a daily or weekly basis though a selection of wallpapers you selected beforehand.

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