Celebrating the Women of OnePlus

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    Dale F. , Mar 8, 2019 :

    Hi friends,

    March 8 is International Women's Day, a day observed globally to celebrate women from all walks of life. In this special post, we share the stories of six of the many women of OnePlus who work hard to spread the spirit of Never Settle around the world.

    Fangyu Du
    Software Product Manager
    Joined OnePlus: 2014

    When I was in college, I was a huge fan of smartphones and read a lot of information about them online, which is how I discovered OnePlus. This brand is unique and the idea of making products has always appealed to me. One day, I was excited to see that OnePlus had placed a job ad. I quickly sent off my resume and was eventually selected to join the company.


    I really enjoy working at OnePlus. When I see the products I help create come to life, such as the OnePlus Weather app, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. And the fact that everyone in the company works with our users’ needs in mind when creating something makes me feel proud of what we do.

    The unique charm of OnePlus is what’s made me never even consider working anywhere else. OnePlus encourages everyone to try what they want to do and lets us provide value to the user as much as possible.

    As a female product manager at OnePlus, I want to say to all people: No job is male-only. Bravely pursue your ideals and you can achieve anything.

    Laura Watts @Laura W.
    PR Manager
    Joined OnePlus: 2016

    Together with my colleague @Tom D., I run UK PR operations for OnePlus. We ensure we have strong relationships with media outlets and that they have the most up-to-date information and news from OnePlus so they’re able to inform their audience quickly.

    As a PR Manager, I often feel that Tom and I are on the front line of the company. A lot of hard work goes into designing, testing, manufacturing, and shipping our products to locations all over the world. And when it comes to marketing the product, the PR team has to deliver the end result to the media, who will tell the world all about it. We have to make sure all of the efforts of every single person who worked hard on that product are realized in the message we deliver.


    I joined OnePlus in September 2016 after owning my first OnePlus phone for 6 months. A friend introduced me to the brand when I was looking to change phones and I loved the story of how OnePlus began and immediately felt like part of the community when researching the (then very short) history of the company. When I saw the job for UK PR Manager come up, I knew I had to apply.

    After joining OnePlus, I soon grew to love the passion that’s found in every colleague I’ve ever met. And I love the celebrations that are made when we all do a good job.

    My favorite memory of working at OnePlus so far has to be the OnePlus 6 launch in London. It was enormous and vibrant. It was filled with positivity from everyone who attended and it felt like we had really grown up as a company. I felt very proud to have been part of something so special on that day, and continue to do so.

    Ruby Gee @Ruby G.
    Thinker of Content
    Joined OnePlus: 2016

    Hopefully, you already know me from my work on the global community forums! I think about what content to roll out on a daily basis and organize fun events right here on our corner of the internet.

    I joined OnePlus not long after the OnePlus 3 launch. I was into a number of smartphone brands (kind of like a window shopper of smartphones), but OnePlus stood out to me the most because of the ideals it held as a company and its great product offering.

    The best part of my job, besides getting to hang out with our community members, is seeing my kooky, fun ideas come to life and reading afterwards how much people enjoyed or were impacted by them. It's as rewarding as it sounds.

    Ruby - new.png

    If I had to choose a favorite OnePlus memory, it would be a tie between launching our countdown madness game and the bitmoji family portrait. I had so much fun watching the comments build up on both of those threads and laughed a lot at everyone's creativity.:laughing:

    Community is an integral part of what OnePlus is, and I'm happy to help serve as one of the connectors between our users and the team members who work on product building every day. Users and product builders ultimately want the same thing - the best product experience. If I can help both parties understand each other better and have fun bonding as a "family" along the way, I feel I've done my job.

    Ruta Klyvyte @Ruta
    Business Development Manager
    Joined OnePlus: 2014

    I'm responsible for the team here in Amsterdam and making sure our OnePlus Netherlands community continues to grow. I joined OnePlus back in July 2014, in Shenzhen, after seeing an article about the OnePlus One on The Verge, sending in my application and getting a call for an interview from @David S. and @Carl. Since then, it’s been a crazy ride. Looking back, I think of the good times:

    Of replying to hundreds of customer support tickets asking for a OnePlus One invite; of clicking “Send” on the batches of invites; of installing a vinyl on the pop-up shop window in LA; of having a takeaway pizza with @nguser and co on the rooftop of his apartment in Milan the night before the OnePlus 2 pop-up; of rushing to meet Emily Ratajkowski in London (top secret, don’t ask); of saying “It’s a GO, open the doors” through a walkie-talkie to the team to let you guys in to the OnePlus 6 launch venue with 1,500 empty seats waiting for you to see @Carl present the new OnePlus; of seeing the OnePlus team grow and accomplish incredible things; of the day I was scouting for the perfect office location in Amsterdam, making sure @Nigel Rijkhoek could park his bike safely and had easy access to our beloved Albert Heijn grocery...


    But my favorite moment(s), and the reason I love my job the most, must be seeing all of your happy faces at the pop-ups and launches, when you first get to see and try the new OnePlus devices. All the hard work pays off then!

    Ashika D’Souza @AshikaDSouza
    Head of Project Management
    Joined OnePlus: 2016

    I joined OnePlus two and a half years ago, shortly after the launch of the OnePlus 3, simply because I was absolutely in awe of the disruptive marketing strategies that OnePlus had been pulling off until then and wanted to be a part of it. A typical day at for me at OnePlus India would involve strategizing our marketing campaigns and planning our product lifecycles.

    Ashika .jpg

    Being a part of the Project Management team means that you get the best of all worlds. You’re contributing to every department in the organization and learning something new every day. The best part about working at OnePlus is the fact that the sky’s the limit when it comes to thinking outside of the box. No idea is too small or too big to be considered, and ideas are welcomed from every team and designations are irrelevant. It’s crazy, its chaotic and it keeps you on your toes, but every day you come to work knowing that, that day might be the day you create history.

    My favorite memory with OnePlus is when I attended my first pop-up for the OnePlus 3T. The energy and love from our community members was just something else. That experience affirmed my love for this company.

    The PMO team (me humbly included) is an integral part everything at OnePlus, right from a sales offer to a product launch. But that being said, no one single team has shaped the OnePlus we see today. It’s been a collaborative effort from every employee (women and men).

    Catharine Shang @Catharine S.
    Head of E-commerce
    Joined OnePlus: 2018

    My job is to let our customers know about and think about our brand and products. I work alongside a great team of people who offer me a lot of support.

    I joined OnePlus in the middle of last year, after being a fan of OnePlus for years. I love that my job gives me the chance to interact with people from all sorts of different backgrounds. OnePlus is a global company filled with employees from all over the world, so it offers a great opportunity to learn new ways of thinking.


    My favorite part of working for OnePlus, however, is reading reviews or suggestions on our website. As a community-focused company, we listen to our customers’ suggestions and actively work to incorporate them into our products, so seeing positive feedback makes all the hard work worth it.

    Who are YOU celebrating today?

    Thanks to our wonderful OnePlus colleagues for sharing their stories. Now, we want to hear yours.

    Our lives are filled with great women who lead, guide, and inspire us. But if you could choose just one woman to celebrate on this special day, who would it be, and why? Let’s spread the love and appreciation on International Women’s Day.

    Never Settle

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    That made me smile.

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    I'm totally with you on that one!

    While it's important to have a specific day to raise awareness about (all kinds of) inequality, the change really starts when we don't need a special day to remind us of that. I certainly don't. All people should be consider equal, regardless of gender, race, age, religion or whatever other artificial categories we use to describe ourselves.

    That said, an amazing day to everyone and my sincere hopes that one day we don't need these dates anymore and that we all truly live as equals (even with all the differences that make us unique).

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    Very well spoken:)!

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    Happy women's day everyone.
    But there's something......
    @Catharine S. Looks sooo much like Carl!! :p
    Maybe it's just me, but I strongly feel of this.
    Beautifully written @Ruby G. Your Job is done, Indeed. :D

    Also, I am disappointed by the fact that we don't celebrate Men's day, with such pomp and show :(

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    Well I was not sure why there is a Women's Day tbh.
    Sorry to be the cloud moving slowly to block the sun, but it seems like a pile of fluff to me. [​IMG]

    Why can't we have an all encompassing People's Day? Where we celebrate our fellow humans ... all of us.

    But thank you to all those women [and men] out there that have fought hard for gender equality and peace in this crazy world of ours.

    I can't sign off on this post without mentioning this:


    @Ruta ... denim on denim [​IMG]

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    Agreed @SoniaB . I mean, it's never wrong to make a day a special day for something positive. Its just weird to me: Only 1day? Why?

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    But... but... Emily ánd Ruta in one place ?!! :eek::hearteyes:

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    I'm disappointed as well for no man's day...

    Aside all jokes,
    Happy woman's day everyone!

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