Cellular data won't stay on, keeps switching itself off

  1. SamJStudios
    Froyo Sep 29, 2015

    SamJStudios , Sep 29, 2015 :
    I received my OP2 in the mail yesterday and got it all hooked up with my AT&T sim card but culullar data keeps switching itself off. I switched the access point and that works better but it still isn't flawless. Hope an update fixes this.

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  2. jport1218
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2015

    jport1218 , Oct 2, 2015 :
    I am also facing the same issue! Hope for some light to be shed on this problem soon!

  3. baileyivancic
    Cupcake Nov 22, 2015

    baileyivancic , Nov 22, 2015 :
    I hope this is being addressed, because I am also having this issue. Please fix one plus, major problem!