[Cerrado [UNIFIED] OnePlus 6 speculation/discussion and confirmed specs thread


What do you want in OP 6

  1. USB type-C 3.1

    103 vote(s)
  2. SD-card slot

    198 vote(s)
  3. Design change

    184 vote(s)
  4. Bigger battery

    422 vote(s)
  5. Software updates for forgotten phones

    124 vote(s)
  6. Water Resistance (This will drive the prices up)

    323 vote(s)
  7. Wireless charging

    174 vote(s)
  8. Clear back (to see the components inside)

    45 vote(s)
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  1. F_Javier_Fernando_Rodrí
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2017

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  2. ManishIcon
    Cupcake Nov 17, 2017

    ManishIcon , Nov 17, 2017 :
    well since snapdragon's 845 chip is bought out by Samsung till release of galaxys9 in March or April
    you can expect oneplus to release theirs in.. possibly June
    specs are obvious
    8gig ram
    128/256gig storage
    front panel would same as 5t pretty much with screenresolution 1440x2880
    face I'd will be improved over updates, chances are they'll include iris scanner and yeah glassBack which would allow wireless charging
    water resistant? in 2018, if that's not there OP would stop being a flagship killer
    coming to camera, secondary telephoto lens is useless except for 2x zoom so they might not bring it back and potrait mode blur is easily possible with machine learning algorithm

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  3. gildavid
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2017

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  4. D0MM3H34D
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2017

    D0MM3H34D , Nov 17, 2017 :
    They could pull that off if they have thin grills along the edges of the phone at the bottom and top. For instance, the thinness of the speaker could be the same as that of the essential phone's earpiece speaker. Just expand it to go along the top and bottom edges. That would allow room to expand the screen as far as OnePlus wants. I'm also a fan of front fingerprint sensors and capacitive buttons, which I feel could be squeezed in at the bottom of the phone as well, unless OnePlus could do the same thing Samsung did and make embedded capacitive buttons on the screen and took the extra step of an embedded fingerprint sensor and use the home button to designate where the sensor is. But the sensor doesn't have to be crammed in with the embedded buttons. It can be moved to the back if that's asking too much. I feel that, if done right, would make for an attractive looking phone, but may pull away from the OnePlus design, which could bring a new era of OnePlus phones. Again, only if it's done right.

  5. luckymetta
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2017

    luckymetta , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Since oneplus phone are always awesome, and recently they have released oneplus 5t which looks to be a great product, so before we think for oneplus 6 we should first use oneplus 5t and then think of oneplus 6, which i think will be the future of mid range smartphones and going to compete with high price smartphones.

  6. JBTechV
    Eclair Nov 18, 2017

  7. (_Dragonor_92)
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2017

    (_Dragonor_92) , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Bad move by OnePlus team releasing the 5t. It was high time they had thought more farther and released the 6 or a better version of the OnePlus flagship. All other competitors are at their best device release and OnePlus just doing minor updates for a release. Please don't give up on us loyal customers for backing you and supporting.

  8. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 18, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 18, 2017 :
    And what should they have put in it - all competitors have the same qualcomm 835, all (most) have dual cameras, all have storage and a ton of ram (OP actualy is one of the phones with most ram). What did you think they could have jammed in? A lighter ? Bottle-cap opener ?

  9. Bartnl
    Lollipop Nov 18, 2017

    Bartnl , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Let me guess... you own an OP5 and are feeling cheated.
    Isn't the OP5T their best at the moment as there is nothing more to upgrade. The 835 CPU is the latest available, so if they would release an OP6 it would get this CPU as well.

  10. Brian Poole
    Eclair Nov 18, 2017

    Brian Poole , Nov 18, 2017 :
    I don't get the whole oneplus betrayed oneplus 5 owners, you can't blame the company for progress, The oneplus 5 is still the same phone most of us loved, just because a new one is here, doesn't change our phone in any way. As long as it doesn't get forgotten and regular updates keep coming, there is no problem.

  11. (_Dragonor_92)
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2017

    (_Dragonor_92) , Nov 18, 2017 :
    lol! yeah those 2 features sound so awesome! y not!

    Btw, I meant they could have waited for the next big processor and camera features or even the screen resolution/ display type which is on the other brands. Still running on the same display type and just increasing the size ain't worth it!

  12. (_Dragonor_92)
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2017

    (_Dragonor_92) , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Display type upgrade?? just the processor won't suffice for a new version of the phone. So much more they can include. Battery capacity etc..

  13. (_Dragonor_92)
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2017

    (_Dragonor_92) , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Display type upgrade?? just the processor won't suffice for a new version of the phone. So much more they can include. Battery capacity etc..

  14. Yuaru
    Cupcake Nov 18, 2017

  15. MentalDraco
    Marshmallow Nov 18, 2017

    MentalDraco , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Well Samsung bought (well pre-ordered) all the qualcomm stocks so who can say when it will be available to smaller companies or the rest. This phone is not a new phone it's just a format change, why, because a lot off ppl wanted the new format, OP obliged. You will get a phone with all the new stuff you want, and it will launch when they always launch their phone next year, so if you wanna wait, OP has you covered.

  16. (_Dragonor_92)
    Gingerbread Nov 18, 2017

    (_Dragonor_92) , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Yes I am sure they will bring out another awesomeness next year. But the format change you mentioned could have been their final release for this year? They could have thought and seeing the trend made a better decision.

  17. marcusskyfall
    Jelly Bean Nov 18, 2017

    marcusskyfall , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Hahaha yes you're 100%correct! I bet that the bosses are sitting, at this very moment, in the boardroom having cold sweats, shaking and rocking backwards and forwards in their chairs worrying about their decision to make yet more massive profits by releasing a new device. It'll be mayhem! People running about looking for a window to jump out of! Seriously they'll be lighting up big fat cigars with your hard earned money and laughing all the way to the bank I guarantee you :)
    Not one single person at Oneplus is crying over this decision to make an updated model, that's how they pay the bills!

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  18. stickynotes
    Froyo Nov 18, 2017

    stickynotes , Nov 18, 2017 :
    Good point but i think they're just fixing what they did in experimenting the 5 orientation.

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  19. crazycarl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 18, 2017

    crazycarl , Nov 18, 2017 :
    No but a bottle cap opener built into the backside of a case would be wicked


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  20. rkimble111
    Froyo Nov 18, 2017

    rkimble111 , Nov 18, 2017 :
    As an original customer with a oneplus one (which I still use today), I was very disappointed when they stopped supporting and upgrading our version. They forgot all of us who got them off the ground. I love my phone, but will think long and hard before I upgrade to another oneplus version.

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