charging, battery, performance, caches and battery calibration myths busted

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    anupritaisno1, Feb 1, 2019 :
    Tl;dr charge your phone overnight while it is turned on
    stop wiping caches
    stop using weird battery calibration methods

    A lot of people have many misconceptions about wiping caches and many other things (I believe you read the title already so you know what this is about)

    What makes the thread different from others?
    I would like to make this the most complete thread out there that explains everything to the user about what is happening with their device so that I can get full marks for this assignment

    Wait what are you talking about? What assignment?

    Exactly! I intend to do exactly the opposite of that. Most threads on this forum give too much information to the user with too little explanation of things or give users information about irrelevant but related things
    It's as if you have to write some assignment and you're just writing for the sake of writing
    That is what I want to avoid here. No "completeness" here

    One more thing. Many people claim to understand everything they read on many articles.
    I will make one thing clear: If after reading this article you think you have understood every word of it then you understood nothing at all. Go through the article again if that is the case.
    This isn't a thread where you will just get the "solution". Think about why the issue occurs and not how to solve it. If you don't want to think that way then leave this thread

    So on to the main thing:
    What is a cache and why is clearing it is my blind faith:
    According to wikipedia cache is.........
    aaaand skip
    we are done here. for the definition just go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cache_(computing)

    Why do you want to clear the cache?
    Good question. If any one of these conditions are met you should definitely wipe cache:
    1) You are bored and have nothing to do
    2) You don't have battery drain but you want it so that you can bug everyone on the forum
    3) You have no issues with performance but you want stutters and lags so that you can show others how bad oneplus is
    4) You want your device to charge very slowly and be very hot during charging
    5) You need a hand warmer
    6) You want to wait weeks for the cache to rebuild and during this time period you want to face all the aforementioned issues

    If any of these conditions are satisfied yeah sure go wipe the cache

    So why is wiping the cache so bad?

    image credit: https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-galaxy-note-5-marshmallow-system-dump-available/

    image credit: https://www.recoverandroid-data.com/blog/fix-android-is-starting-optimizing-app-error
    note: information given in that link is incorrect

    These images seem familiar? I'm sure you've seen them all during a system update
    So what is the big deal? Didn't android N remove this?

    Wrong. Android N did not remove this screen but merely postponed the task and the deferring of this task is what's causing your battery drain

    So is it optimising in the background?
    Wrong again. This optimisation is only triggered during a very special case. It is the lack of this optimisation that causes your battery drain

    Yes you read it right. The optimisation is not performed because the user does not know how to satisfy the condition required for the optimisation to start

    The result:
    Image credit: The android soul

    notice android system taking 17% just for itself? That is what happens when you do not let this optimisation complete

    Now comes my first forum post about this which says:
    "I'll explain why you get battery drain after a system update, factory reset or clearing the cache

    If you've ever owned a device with Android 6 or lower you might be very familiar with the optimising apps screen. Well android 7.0 added a feature to skip that optimisation and use the JIT and the interpreter to optimise apps on the fly. The code running behind the optimising apps screen wasn't removed however, it was instead run when a very specific condition was satisfied (device is plugged in, charging, full battery, turned on, is not in use and is not in motion)

    If all these conditions are satisfied the optimisation begins

    Now we get to the battery drain part

    Before you read further keep this in mind. The optimisation when the phone is idle is handled by AOT. JIT analyses the app and sees which parts are called frequently and passes a JIT profile to AOT for compilation

    Remember that AOT can only use the JIT profile, anything else optimised by JIT is useless for AOT

    The issue here is: when you do any of the things I said above like a system update, only the JIT is running (actually it is helping the interpreter) and it's optimising apps on the fly. If it's going to optimise apps as you open them it's going to have a lot of processing overhead and this is going to heat up your device a lot and drain a lot of battery

    The solution: plan when you want to do a system update. You should preferably do the system update 2 hours before you sleep so that you can leave your phone connected to a charger to allow this initial optimisation phase to pass

    The other advice is to not wipe your cache often"
    From: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/closed-battery-performance.911024/#post-19181266

    Now there are some people who will ask what the solution is
    To those people here is my answer:
    1) It is given right there in the quoted message. Read
    2) change your approach. read the bold text at the start of this post. do not ask for the solution but try to find out why the issue occurs in the first place

    Now the second myth:
    "Wiping cache makes my phone boot faster! You are lying!"
    "When you boot the first time after a system update/cache wipe, the phone analyses which parts of the apps and system are slow to compile directly on the CPU

    So it writes out a profile and on the second boot, android picks up this profile and pre-optimises those methods, causing that second boot to take longer

    If you wipe caches, you are basically forcing the system to redo this

    Myth: after a system update, old cache is redundant and must be thrown away
    Fact: android compares the old cache against the boot.art in /system and if it doesn't match, the entire cache is discarded so manually doing it is no different"
    From: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/one-plus-5-lags-after-9-0.974976/page-3#post-19739199

    In other words wiping cache might make the first boot after wiping it fast but your actual performance and battery life will suffer

    We are done about battery and performance myths

    To sum it up:
    poor performance
    high resource usage
    high power usage
    low runtime performance
    compiles quickly and can make the system and the apps available to the user faster
    easier to exploit compared to AOT (source: android hardening project/KSPP/linux-hardnened/copperheados)
    very high performance
    lower resource usage since a compiler/interpreter is not active during execution
    lower power consumption
    very high runtime performance
    compiles very slowly. some apps like google play services can take anywhere from 20 minutes on an op6 to 45 minutes on an op2
    significantly harder to exploit compared to jit

    why is this optimisation needed in the first place?
    app developers cannot optimise their app for every device and every hardware and software combination out there so the obvious solution is to make one app that can run on every device. However it is inefficient as it is not optimised for your cpu and processing is needed so that the cpu can understand it. Interpreting every time you launch an app is slow and puts a lot of load on the cpu

    Myth: cache is rebuilt immediately after cleaning
    Wrong. cache can take anywhere from a few hours to even a few weeks to regenerate and while it does you will face severe battery drain

    Diagnostic test:
    I told 2 people to do this
    The first was to keep their phone connected to a charger for a week and just leave it idle
    The second was told to use his device but was told to charge it to 100% only when turned off and never charge when turned on

    You would say the first device would have bad battery? Wrong
    The device you think was mistreated actually had the best battery performance and was smooth

    To keep the test fair: both devices were used almost the same after the experiment was over
    both devices were on wifi and airplane mode was enabled
    both devices had the same apps installed
    both devices had dm-verity in enforcing mode
    both devices were encrypted

    The first device:

    The second device which you thought will have the best battery life and performance:


    do you want to still say wiping cache helps

    now it's time for an official article written by google:
    From: https://source.android.com/devices/tech/dalvik/configure

    Had enough proof? Oh wait
    "Doesn't charging your phone to 100% damage the battery?"
    I quote an electrical engineer:
    Now my 2 cents:
    Let us say the battery does get damaged when you charge to 100%
    If the optimisation does not complete you will have terrible battery drain anyway
    So what do you get out of this? Peace of mind? Poor performance? if it is as you say then neither way will you get the battery and the poorer performance comes with it as a bonus

    Busting cache partition myth:
    The cache partition is a partition on android that stores temporary files and these are useless.....


    What the cache partition really does:
    "I have also busted the cache partition

    The cache partition is useless while booted to android and selinux blocks android from writing to /cache or even knowing that the cache partition is present

    The cache partition is used only when booted to recovery, incremental OTAs will copy a block of the partition the script is patching, compute the patch on /cache and copy it back to the partition being patched

    The reason for doing so is that the cache partition can store the overall progress of the update so by using it if a user interrupts a system upgrade, the bootloader will read the misc partition, boot recovery and recovery will read misc (or /cache. Thanks to @elanglois for the correction!)

    The recovery will then read the contents of /cache and reverse the system update because it has the last version of the block/file that it was patching in case something goes wrong. It will then start the system upgrade again

    The cache partition doesn't even store the OTA, the OTA is stored on data. Uncrypt is used to decrypt the blocks of data containing the OTA/if using file based encryption the encryption policy is modified to allow the recovery to read the OTA

    Since the cache partition is not encrypted, storing anything here is serious information disclosure and while booted it serves no purpose.... It's just there

    A/B partition scheme did not require such a failure recovery mechanism and the cache partition was dropped

    The cache partition is always empty. There is nothing to wipe"

    Myth: oneplus 6 removed the cache partition so.........
    Stop right there. In the absence of a cache partition android's vold uses /data/cache and it is usually bind mounted to /cache

    Now some stupid ROMs do place something called an openrecoveryscript in /cache to flash instead of using the misc partition. Stay away from these ROMs. They do not know what they are doing

    If a developer/maintainer tells you to wipe caches/clean flash every build then that developer/maintainer/whatever is not really what he claims he is and knows nothing about android

    moving on

    what is battery calibration?
    "Just because the whole world does something does not mean it is right"
    It is a stupid myth and I already have a thread about it here: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/battery-calibration-time-to-destroy-this-age-old-myth.833209/

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    This shouldn't be in Off Topic, this is more relevant than most threads in the General and Dev sections.

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    anupritaisno1, Feb 1, 2019 :
    Now let us talk about how to force the optimisation to occur

    Rooted users: run su -c "cmd package bg-dexopt-job" in a terminal emulator app. The quotes are part of the command so do NOT remove them.

    Non-rooted users: this should work

    Screenshot from 2019-02-01 22-14-35.png

    I believe an image is worth a thousand words

    The command can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to complete

    Disconnecting your phone will abort the process

    It is completely safe to interrupt the process

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    It's time for the "btw I use arch" memes

    I was actually unsure where to post this so I posted this in off-topic

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    Thread moved to "Tech section".

    I would personally suggest a tl,dr for not so technically sound guys like me to easily understand and digest.

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    added it

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    I do not see any reason for the thread to be pinned. Whilst its informative, I do not see why it would need to be pinned.
    Also, you reported this twice to moderation team. Once will suffice [​IMG]
    We work through the reports and so reporting multiple times does not mean your report will be worked on any faster.

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    It needs to be pinned so that everyone can read and "know" useful things

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    So last night I cleared the cache in my 5T, and today i 've been enlightened with this thread and realised the mistake I made!
    So to prevent my phone from lagging,heating up and having poor battery, I need to leave it plugged in this whole night right?
    Will the optimization still happen if the device is in airplane mode?

    Thanks for all the valuable information!

  12. Bintang12 Froyo Feb 3, 2019

    Bintang12, Feb 3, 2019 :
    Just leave the phone on charging state all the time when you are sleeping,that should be sufficient.
    Regarding to the Airplane mode,i think it doesn't interfere the process

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    G_Àlex_Ribé_Bachiller_Vi, Feb 3, 2019 :
    Thank you! I will do so!

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    anupritaisno1, Feb 3, 2019 :
    Airplane mode doesn't interfere with the process

    Also read this post:
    Just run adb shell and cmd package bg-dexopt-job and wait and the optimisation finishes for that session

    Remember that android profiles what is slow and only optimises that


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    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan, Feb 3, 2019 :
    We need write-ups like this from people who are technically and technologically sound. But people who qualify, unfortunately, either don't participate or tend to enjoy reading stuff from others who aren't fully informed (understandably because people come from diverse backgrounds and have focus/ experience/ expertise elsewhere). Neither of that helps.

    Having said that, the internet is full of myths and not real facts. That is precisely for the reason mentioned above.

    This is one of those threads that I have bookmarked for reading again and sharing when an opportunity arises.

    Hope you write some more.

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    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan, Feb 3, 2019 :
    There are plenty of reasons to pin it, only if you appreciate the fact that it can clear a lot of misconceptions and outdated troubleshooting steps that are everywhere on the internet.

    OP should, however, edit the composition in a more educative tone.

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    anupritaisno1, Feb 3, 2019 :
    If you want to suggest edits/correct information just reply here with the corrections

  18. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan Lollipop Feb 3, 2019

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan, Feb 3, 2019 :
    Well, I don’t have technical knowledge, so I would leave it to you and others with technical expertise to edit your composition.

    As with the tone of your composition, I have gone through this thread as well as the ones linked in it (along with some ensuing discussions), and here are some things you should keep in mind:
    1. When you know something really well, many of the seemingly “common sense” stuff aren’t actually common sense. They are still technical in nature and you should use that opportunity to educate people as much as you can.
    2. Accept that people won’t take your word as final. They don’t know you or how much you know. They will disagree, ask questions, put forward contradictory points. These are not meant to question your level of expertise. Be polite.
    3. So called “myths” are not necessarily myths. Much of those are simply outdated methods that are no longer applicable. And people aren’t aware of that for good reason. So keep that in mind.
    4. Clearing cache hasn’t solved a problem. Wrong statement. It has and continues to be a solution for specific problems, under specific circumstances.
    5. There is no manual from Google for many of the most common problems. Probably there cannot be due to countless permutations/ combinations of what could cause a problem. Also the fact that a problem could be both software (which itself has various 3rd party customisations ) and hardware over which Google has no control. So people depend on a Google search for solutions. There are plenty of well known sites that still promote outdated troubleshooting methods and people believe in them. Or may be it is Google to blame as it throws up such outdated articles when doing search.
    6. Dirty flashing a rom again won’t solve a problem due to inbuilt checks that would prevent a rom from booting if there is a problem with installation. Again disagree. I have personally been able to fix app crashes by doing so, and not too long ago. Why it happened or what exactly solved it - I can’t pinpoint it. I can only say what I did and what happened thereafter. I dirty flashed and it fixed it.
    7. It appears to me that much of what you have written assumes an ideal scenario (or scenarios that ‘should’ exist theoretically), and I am tempted to think that you have ignored the fact that there can be unexpected errors, and unexpected scenarios.
    8. Given that you are a developer and have read the Android source code extensively, use it to educate others in a healthy manner, rather than imposing it. There are some, including in this forum, who boast of how much they know or what they have done, but without sharing much details on how they went about it. Surely, it doesn’t help anyone.


    I personally don’t have most of the problems people complain about. Or let’s say I have been able to keep it trouble free for the most part, with whatever little technical knowledge I have.

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    OMG are you serious. I obviously didn't read this all but my god, the waffle!

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    Probably should have just ignored because I didn't really read it but the context seems like it could be downsized by about 1/10th