Charging Cable Damaged

  1. jimmyvaidya
    Eclair May 18, 2018

    jimmyvaidya , May 18, 2018 :
    This is the condition of my Charging Cable. What I'm supposed to do? Dash charging is fast as usual.. I'm wondering if in the long run it may cause some problem..!
    Pl guide

  2. Nezumi_
    KitKat May 18, 2018

    Nezumi_ , May 18, 2018 :
    boi, you can wrap it with electrical tape as a temporary fix but you should really get a replacement cable soon.

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  3. jimmyvaidya
    Eclair May 18, 2018

  4. N1524735822511
    Gingerbread May 18, 2018

    N1524735822511 , May 18, 2018 :
    "boi" [e]1f602[/e][e]1f602[/e]

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  5. sethisidd
    Jelly Bean May 18, 2018

    sethisidd , May 18, 2018 :
    The replacement cable is available as accessories in OnePlus store.

  6. ɢноѕтΘпе
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert May 18, 2018

  7. maxxam23
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 18, 2018

    maxxam23 , May 18, 2018 :
    Physical damage? My friend has a 3T for almost 2 years n the charging cable is still intact.

  8. GuitarBart
    Jelly Bean May 19, 2018

    GuitarBart , May 19, 2018 :
    It can be dangerous using damaged cables.. I would advice buying a new one. Dash charging only works with the original cables though

  9. devoncatt
    Gingerbread May 19, 2018

    devoncatt , May 19, 2018 :
    How is the OnePlus cable different from plain vanilla but good quality USB C cables? Are the pins different or?

  10. janguv
    Honeycomb Jun 5, 2018

    janguv , Jun 5, 2018 :
    I have had a 3 for less than 2 years and my cable is not intact. It's not as bad as OP's here, but it's getting worse. Torn in a similar spot.

    I'm extremely careful with all my cables. I still have Nokia 3300 cable (10+ years) and my OPO cable (4 years, used on many devices) in perfect condition.

    So obviously the flex cable housing is not that resilient. At least, in some cases some users will experience it tearing, even when they've taken the utmost care with it. OnePlus won't refund/replace this cable for me, and it's most dissatisfying. It's still within warranty, but they don't want to admit that the cable material may be weak.

  11. quinodos
    Cupcake Oct 16, 2020

    quinodos , Oct 16, 2020 :
    I had a similar problem with my OnePlus 5 I have had for almost 3 years. I recently noticed that the sleeve of my original Dash charge wire separated near the tip that you plug into the phone. I also bought a 150 cm ribbon-style cable from OnePlus' online store that I use in my car once in a while. I noticed that it also had some damage near the end you plug in the phone, but not as severe as my main charge wire.

    I ended up using a very thin layer of hot glue about over 1-2 inches of the wire at the end. I then reinforced the repair with a short section of heat-shrink tubing on top of that; making sure it overlapped both sides of the damaged section. I am pretty sure this will hold up for some time to come.


    I think I may end up applying a section of heat-shrink tubing to any future OnePlus wires I get in order to hopefully reinforce the wire and prevent the charge wire sleeve from tearing.

    Below are some pictures of my two wires and the repair I did on the less damaged charge wire.

    IMG_20201008_223947.jpg IMG_20201008_224339.jpg IMG_20201008_223902.jpg IMG_20201016_021420_2.jpg