Charging issues

  1. lewisz
    Froyo Aug 31, 2014

    lewisz , Aug 31, 2014 :
    Has anyone else been experiencing charging issues? When I first got my OPO I was charging it with my old Samsung charger and it charged perfectly. However, a week later, I woke up to find that my phone had not charged the previous night. It was charging at an incredibly slow rate. I switched to the OPO charger and left it charging for 10 hours. In those 10 hours it charged from 18% to 51%. I have no idea what's going on. It charges normally with a car charger and it charged normally at a friend's house with a Samsung charger.

    The green bar under the grey graph shows when it's plugged in. As you can see, the battery is not charging while plugged in. No, I was not using it while charging.

    This second screen shot is more interesting. The first charging period is with the OPO charger and it looks like it's kind of doing it's job, but that's because it had the whole night to charge and it still couldn't charge the battery all the way up. The second to last charge period exhibited the fastest charge rate. This is interesting because that is with a car charger while playing music through the headphone jack. The last charge period is the most recent one, this was with the OPO charger and essentially not using the phone. It has been 5 hours and it has charged the battery about 1 percent.

    Help? OnePlus? Anyone? I know a user on here stated that initially the battery charges super slow and needs to be broken in but this is ridiculous.

    Jelly Bean Aug 31, 2014

    TJ COMBO , Aug 31, 2014 :
    I can't say much yet, because I've not charged my OPO with the supplied wallcharger. I've only charged it whilst connected to the PC. It also was super slow... But that's expected for me, as USB only charging is slow anyway.

  3. jesse813
    Eclair Aug 31, 2014

    jesse813 , Aug 31, 2014 :
    Yes my 64GB is doing this and i am always using OPO charger and now i am left with out a phone, there is a youtube video saying what to do to fix this, basically it recommends to drain the battery and let it sit for 12 hours, then replug and it should work again. Just look it up on youtube, i am on 8 hours and will report back.