#cheated by OnePlus

  1. bingi46
    Honeycomb Sep 26, 2019

    bingi46 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Honesty I still love my op7
    1) Display is still great ,as gaming on phones on 120hz will be smooth but that's not serious gaming
    2) Snapdragon 855
    3)Same camera sensor imx 587
    4)Not so ugly behind
    5)Hapatic sensor is good but not so great but that can't be the sole reason

  2. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Sep 26, 2019

    Starcommander , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Dude, I bought 6T @41,999. Can you even think, what I am going through?

  3. Liehjan
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Community Expert Sep 26, 2019

  4. Saurabh_Seth
    Froyo Sep 26, 2019

    Saurabh_Seth , Sep 26, 2019 :
    I have 6T

  5. bingi46
    Honeycomb Sep 26, 2019

    bingi46 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Snapdragon 845 are now powering laptops,so the difference in performance in phones nowadays is not so impressive :)

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  6. H1544617700062
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2019

    H1544617700062 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    dude thanks for giving me hope

  7. VaibhavBhargava
    Lollipop Sep 26, 2019

    VaibhavBhargava , Sep 26, 2019 :
    The McLaren edition, right ?

  8. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Sep 26, 2019

  9. Kathiresh1997
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2019

    Kathiresh1997 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Oneplus 7t a great phone for 39k but a great backstabbing from oneplus for oneplus 7 pro users..
    1.most of the features of oneplus7pro in oneplus7t at 39k (which you charged 49k just 4months before)
    2.macro mode for oneplus7t which wont be available to oneplus 7 pro
    (I came across some news that it is hardware features so wont be available in oneplus7pro)
    3.Warp charge 30T which charges 18% faster than Warp charge 30
    (39k phone charges faster than the 49k THE COMPANY'S FLAGSHIP ONEPLUS7PRO)
    4.HDR10+ for YouTube and amazon prime only for oneplus7t..

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  10. E1558753298330
    Donut Sep 26, 2019

    E1558753298330 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Great aggressive pricing to OnePlus 7T but now I feel cheated after buying OnePlus 7 pro because I am feeling that I paid 10K extra for no reason.
    What's the point of buying a flagship phone when you don't feel you have held the best phone in your hand. Companies launch flagships once a year because they want buyers to feel privileged for an year at least, they want to feel important as well when a phone is bought. There is a lot of emotions and investment in that.
    As a technology freak I saved money for 7Pro and bought it because of two reasons
    1. 90Hz display
    2. Triple camera

    Now OnePlus has decided to launch a new phone with same features for ₹11,000 ($160 approx) less

    You just killed 7Pro and the users feeling to phone as well.
    What's point of spending 11K more when someone will come to you and mock you for paying more to get same features of phone.
    You guys are so mad into getting sales targets that you are not even understanding emotions of earlier product buyer.

    Technology needs to be at pace of market but you just made it so fast that you want people to leave their old 5Tsz 6,6Ts and buy new but that will not happen so fast.

    A clever strategy to acquire business but if you're making your flagship & their user feel useless then your company will cease to exist.

  11. Aqu
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2019

    Aqu , Sep 26, 2019 :
    That's what oneplus do. Release a new phone then a T variant around 6 months later.

    Besides the 7TPro will probably be announced in October and will have better specs than the 7T.

    These phones will then be surpassed in 6 months by the 8 series.

  12. RealArya
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2019

    RealArya , Sep 26, 2019 :
    This time the upgrade came in 5 months, and a t update this incremental. This is an absolute gut punch.

  13. Swejuggalo
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Sep 26, 2019

    Swejuggalo , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Why? Wait for the next phone or buy one that exist now. If every new release is a gut punch... What is the solution to such a problem? Stop making new phone the moment you buy one?

    I simply don't see the problem... There will always be new phones and with this thinking there will never be a good time to by any phone at all.

  14. E1559235615124
    Eclair Sep 26, 2019

    E1559235615124 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    why would someone mock you ? At end of day you bought your phone for those two features as long as they still work why are you bothered that a new version is out. I got my 7pluspro first day it came out on a anytime upgrade contract but wouldn't swap it for any device at this moment in time if it makes you happy then forget what anyone else thinks

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  15. RealArya
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2019

    RealArya , Sep 26, 2019 :
    I have no issues with new releases, innovation is everything. But if they can launch this now, they could have done so 3 months back. I have issues that the t variant is so hugely better than the normal variant with hardly any price increment. Not every release is a gut punch, one that comes 3 months after the best in the market and is a gazillion times better, is.

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  16. E1558753298330
    Donut Sep 26, 2019

    E1558753298330 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    I know that as well that new version will be superior but you are not noticing one thing, this time there were two models,
    7 & 7 pro. 7T upgrade as compared to 7 is great but all features from 7 pro are transferred to 7T and priced tad less than 7 pro.
    now tell me where will 7Pro user fit now?
    He paid extra and now the same phone is available at 10K (160$) less price
    Do you think anyone will purchase 7 Pro now?
    I don't think so

  17. A1542486292652
    Eclair Sep 26, 2019

    A1542486292652 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Я вижу проблему в компании oneplus. Они сегодня убили свой Флагман 7 про его больше нет! Правильно сказали ребята Флагман выходит раз в год а если раньше это уже не Флагман! Я точно уверен oneplus уже нет будущего желать ей нет смысла! Этож надо было выпустить 7т и сровнять его с флагманом. Андроид 10 на 7 про рекламный трюк компании. Позор. Oneplus уже нет её больше не существует. Не покупайте телевизор а то через месяц выйдет лучше и дешевле! Спешка к хорошему не приведет! Печально!!!

  18. E1558753298330
    Donut Sep 26, 2019

    E1558753298330 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    It's like Buying a latest Audi Q4 and paying a huge amount for new model only when company decides to launch new and updated Audi Q3 with same features which are in Q4.

    you would feel stupid and cheated for paying extra for no ******* reason

  19. Craftycagna
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2019

    Craftycagna , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Why are you feeling cheated? The T is a lesser phone than the Pro model. They went backwards they put back a teardrop in the screen. It is so annoying to look at. I tried both phones. Their basically the same. Except the pro has a fullscreen without that stupid notch. That's worth a hundred to me already haha.

  20. A1542486292652
    Eclair Sep 26, 2019

    A1542486292652 , Sep 26, 2019 :
    Да oneplus как всё печально! Флагман 7 про не получил Андроид 10 а 7т бюджет получил! Кому нужен ваш 7 про- некому!