Check for uneven display glass before sticking Tempered Glass to it


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  1. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 18, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 18, 2015 :
    NOTE: This does not affect performance of OPO in any way so please don't go for RMA straight away. First check if your OPO does have the issue and even if it has in most cases display won't be affected. It is the Tempered Glass which might be affected with the issue. I personally had the same issue on my Nexus 5 out of the box and never had any problems with display.

    Display glass on my opo has slight dent right below the capacitive home button. The dent is clearly visible if you try to scan the display under your room's tube-light. The image of tube-light will distort in the area with dent.
    I put on Orzly Tempered Glass on the display with extreme care. It was perfectly aligned and looked very premium until after few hours when a pocket of air started to form on the bottom edge exactly where the dent is.
    Given the 9H hardness of TG it won't settle into the dent and will rise upwards no matter how many times you press and stick it with display glass. I haven't found an elegant way to force stick TG with the dented display yet.
    But something definitely need to be done to stop dust from entering the air pocket between TG and display glass.

    P.S. I was using Nillkin TG before Orzly Premium TG. Nillkin was free of such issues, my guess would be Nillkin is using better glue to bond TG with display.

    Irrespective of the tempered glass you have purchased for your OPO, I will recommend this simple check for dents under a tube-light and then proceed with TG only if display is dent free. Otherwise very soon Dust will say to your TG "I will find you. And I will kill you".

    By the way, Nillkin sucks in terms of quality as compared to Orzly. Orzly feels like glass and Nillkin doesn't. However Nillkin still a decent buy given the fact that it comes under 800 Rs and Orzly comes under 2500 Rs.

    FOLLOWING ARE SOME PICS I TOOK WITH MY NEXUS 5 - OPO + Orzly Premium TG + Diztronic Ultra TPU.

    1. Top of the screen. Absolutely Flat. No dent.

    2. Middle of screen. Flat. No dent.

    3. Post middle. Flat. No dent.

    4. Bottom. Image of bent tube-light. Collateral damage due to dent.

    5. Bottom edge. Origin of dent clearly visible. This is where TG fails to stick. But these pics were taken 2 days after TG was put on and I am happy to report that it has bonded with the dented area and there is not much for dust to get in.

    I hope the pics demonstrate the issue clearly. :) Now please check your opos for the issue and report back your results.

    Nillkin TG and OPO TG stick very well even on non-flat displays as reported by users.
    Orzly TG takes 4-5 days to settle on dent. No need to RMA OPO or the TG. Have patience.
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  2. Vicky_cbe
    KitKat Jan 18, 2015

    Vicky_cbe , Jan 18, 2015 :
    nice post! will help future buyer
    and it would be good if some other orzly users also has the same problem or not.

  3. davewm56
    Donut Jan 18, 2015

  4. hogwarts1982
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 18, 2015

    hogwarts1982 , Jan 18, 2015 :
    I think you should return your second phone while you still have time. First yellow tint and now dents! What next ? I can't believe people are still buying OPO.

  5. Ajay Kumar Tiwari
    Gingerbread Jan 18, 2015

    Ajay Kumar Tiwari , Jan 18, 2015 :
    Price is not the yardstick of the quality. In the world there are only two top notch glass companies:-
    1. Corning of US and 2. Asahi of Japan. Most of the glass used in lenses, screens etc comes from these two cos, viz Gorilla Glass 1,2,3 are from Corning and Dragon Glass (used by Sony and HTC) is from Asahi.
    All the cos making TGP for phones is from Asahi. so it does not matter what is the brand of it as the transparency will be the same. Yes silicon glue used and its quality may very slightly. Sometimes we pay for the name and not for the real quality. Another fact is that most of the Branded cos buy these items from the Generic cottage industry from Taiwan or China.....repack them in their packing and sale it at the price in relevance to their brand image. Go through the ebay.com and you will be surprised to see the price variation for the same quality product but with different Brand names. So if you carefully check the specs and with little hard work, one can buy the same branded quality at an economical price.
    Your case can be due to mishandling also and due to defective TGP also. Usually Gorilla Glass is not easy to have a dent of the kind you are describing. But said and done do whatever makes you happy and gives you peace of mind....

  6. renegade403
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 18, 2015

    renegade403 , Jan 18, 2015 :
    Like the issues already with this device were not enough. What all do us customers have to look out for?? bad luck man.

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  7. KaZz1NNNNN0
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    KaZz1NNNNN0 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Pics would help. And i dont have any dent on my screen.

  8. blackscorpio
    Froyo Jan 19, 2015

  9. aniketk1
    Gingerbread Jan 19, 2015

    aniketk1 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    One more proof of how cheap the manufacturing techniques and testing of the OPO is.

  10. igeekyayush
    KitKat Jan 19, 2015

  11. shahuljannathi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 19, 2015

    shahuljannathi , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Ohhh!! This is making me stomach sick. :confused::confused:

  12. manishv
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    manishv , Jan 19, 2015 :
    A Big LOL
    Even I faced this issue when I installed my orzly TG. According to me, its not the problem of display or TG. U should have put pressure on the edge of TG (like me) while applying, so it has bend and a bubble has been formed. I solved this by reapplying the TG( but be careful) :p u have to bend the TG in the reverse direction :p correct me if I am wrong ;) or u got a defective TG. I doubt that display has a dent.

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  13. sukanta76
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    sukanta76 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Nice review, very informative...just had 2 doubts - 1) how can a glass sheet have dents, is something am not able to figure out. 2) you mentioned 'Given the 9H hardness of TG it won't settle into the dent and will rise upwards' - could you explain this part ? what does 9H hardness have to do anything with air-bubble ?

    thanks in advance

  14. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    I won't return this time. Dents are not that big of a problem. Just that you have to use tempered glass which sticks on dents properly like Nillkin.
    My nexus 5 had 2 dents and I never had an issue. I used Spigen Glossy protector with it. :)
    Yellow tint really is an disturbing issue :( sadly Indian stock does not have tint free opos so there is no sense in returning for that too anymore. Screen equalizer is way to go now.

  15. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    I also thought Gorilla Glass was not easy to have dents but then my own Nexus 5 had 2 big dents and now One also has a small dent. It does not disturb in anyways. It's just that you have to be extra careful while putting on TG.

  16. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Look for following in the same order:
    1. Yellow tint at bottom of display
    2. Wifi upload download speeds
    3. Earpiece issues
    4. Dent on the front panel
    5. Dent on chrome bezel

    Will update if more come to my knowledge.

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  17. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Will try and post some.

  18. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

  19. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    Nah man. Definitely the display has dent. Coz when I was using Nillkin TG, I could see the same distortion on black screen just as it looks on Orzly TG.
    Won't risk taking it off and reapplying. Not very good at it.
    Did you took it all off and reapplied all over? The glue did not create any issue? I have two very thin pieces of lint not visible until I see very very close, but I would love to take em out any day if TG sticks back as it is. ;)

  20. shubhamgulati91
    Honeycomb Jan 19, 2015

    shubhamgulati91 , Jan 19, 2015 :
    1. Must be the manufacturing process. Gorilla glass on my Nexus 5 had 2 dents out of the box. Not a uncommon issue. The dent is clearly visible when you try to watch reflection of rod tube-light on your display with display turned off.
    2. Glossy screen guards with 3H hardness and minimal thickness stick perfectly over the uneven surface. They are flexible sheets of plastic. But tempered glass is toughened and it does not fit very well if the surface is not even.