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  1. Paledim
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  2. Dilovan Sindi
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    Dilovan Sindi , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Used to like OnePlus not anymore I bought 4 OnePlus phone after they contract with T-Mobile I cannot use my 5G on AT&T because it's not supported I'm planning to change my phone because of that

  3. J1609814170523
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    J1609814170523 , Jan 5, 2021 :
    can we select 5G ONLY as an option? I don't want to flip over to 4G if that signal happens to be stronger.

  4. Felipe_Del_Rio
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  5. gio0912
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  6. manishamartin
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  7. J1609814254252
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    J1609814254252 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Will this be working on the google fi network since the other models do and/or does this currently work for google fi even though this model doesn't show as an option

  8. ZENG XI
    Product Manager Staff Member Jan 5, 2021

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    ZENG XI , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Dear OnePlusers! Recently, we established OnePlus Gaudí Studio, bringing together OnePlus designers from all over the world to create more artistic technology products. OnePlus 8T Concept is a chance to take the technology further by integrating a new kind of more natural, biologically inspired interactivity for smartphones. I hope to communicate with you about this innovative product on this AMA!

  9. Ragehazzard
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    Ragehazzard , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Will the change in materials also change the water and dust resistance of the phone? And will this affect both the unlocked and Tmobile versions of the phone since the Tmobile version has a current IP rating?

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  10. golife7
    Donut Jan 5, 2021

    golife7 , via OnePlus 6T , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Also, Don't Force us to have facebook, I don't trust their privacy invasion and I don't like the app, I don't want it being forced on us. It's the reason I liked OnePlus. I switched from the most expensive Samsung Note, to One plus because I hated the bloatware on Samsung. If OnePlus starts loading their phones with bloatware, I'll definitely switch I would rather have an iPhone and I hate apple, rather than have another Android preloaded with bloatware.

  11. E1593754530597 , via OnePlus 7 Pro T-Mobile , Jan 5, 2021 :
    I'm extremely frustrated. My phone won't cast on my samsung smart tv. I bought it for exactly that, the phone & t.v. I tried changing network, I made sure the check mark was on enable wireless display. My WiFi is on. I closed all my apps. And can't cast. Sometimes it works. Most times I struggle. It seems lots of people having sane issue. I had a chromecast before with older tv. Well I spent all this money for both my devices for nothing. I paid an app $10 to watch a series and catch it. Help!

  12. Boris Yue
    Product Manager Staff Member Jan 5, 2021

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    Boris Yue , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Hi Everyone! I am Boris, a product manager of OnePlus. In the past few months, I participated in the design of 8T Concept's innovative interactive method, and finally brought this concept product to everyone with Xi. I look forward to your questions about this product.

  13. ugwumsi10
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    ugwumsi10 , Jan 5, 2021 :
    My question is slightly different from the subject matter. I've noticed that when using my One Plus 6T on Facebook, if I'm an admin for both my personal and my organization's accounts, it doesn't give me the option of choosing which account to post from. This option is always available on Samsung and other android phones. there's a always a drop down menu that allows you choose whether you're posting as yourself, or as a representative of the organization. Thank you.

  14. kebenelevator
    Froyo Jan 5, 2021

  15. GildedFangs , via OnePlus Community App , Jan 5, 2021 :
    Why are OS updates separate across devises? Why can't a OP8 and OP7/7T get the same updates at the same time?

    Could it be easier to light the back of device with the excess light from the display?

  16. O1562516269101
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  17. baumannity
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

    baumannity , Jan 5, 2021 :
    I love the potential benefits the 8T concept offers, they truly seem one of a kind in the smartphone world. However, I'm a believer that companies offer their customers solutions to problems, not unique features. In your eyes, what problems do smartphone customers experience today (whether they realize it or not) that are solved by the OnePlus 8T Concept?

  18. F1609576471736
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  19. Momentz
    Cupcake Jan 5, 2021

  20. Krish_22
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2021