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  1. Jánosi László
    Donut Jul 30, 2018

    Jánosi László , Jul 30, 2018 :
    I have a OnePlus 5T and in the Chrome flag settings the new UI for the app is not available (chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md). It says "Not available on your platform".
    Is that correct?? How is that possible that this feature is not available? Am I missing something?

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  2. F_Vijay_Kumarg_kLTK
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2018

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  3. FaleshC
    KitKat Jul 30, 2018

    FaleshC , Jul 30, 2018 :
    you know chrome is not developed by oneplus. nor it has anything to do with chrome UI.
    report to google.
    and as far i know new UI is yet to be rolled to all users, you can try Chrome Canary instead.
    as far as i can see "chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md", this is for desktop version not mobile Chrome.

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