clear coat by moutfitters

  1. Mahinet
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2018

    Mahinet , Apr 14, 2018 :
    Hi guys,
    Any pros and cons about clear-coat protection from moutfitters.


  2. DARTH 007
    KitKat Apr 14, 2018

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  3. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Apr 14, 2018

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  4. Nick 59
    Marshmallow Apr 14, 2018

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  5. m1tch3m
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 14, 2018

    m1tch3m , Apr 14, 2018 :
    Got mine fitted at a local kiosk, overall it's really good and comes with a lifetime guarantee - basically a small fitting fee to install a fresh coating - front and back with sides are charged separately.

    First time someone installed it it had several dust specs under the screen - my pet hate!!!

    You have 14 days to go back if you notice something about the install that you're not happy with. I went back a couple of times because of imperfections.

    I originally had a full clear coat, but didn't like the back being shiny also... There was a fault with the back fitting so when I got it changed under warranty I paid a small upgrade fee to get the matte back which makes it look much nicer.

    So basically I have the clear coat on the front and matte on the back now.

    The side strips started to peel after a couple of months and in the end I took them off. Front has been perfect.

    After a couple more months a corner on the back is started to peel, so at some point I'll go back to get a new back fitted.

    Overall I like it, but if you're a perfectionist like me make sure if you're going to a kiosk to get it fitted make sure you check it under their fitting light before you put it in the envelope to set (when you get it they recommend keeping it in an envelope for an hour to set.

    Hope this helps!

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  6. deathrodamus
    Honeycomb Apr 15, 2018

    deathrodamus , Apr 15, 2018 :
    I would suggest that you use a Ringke case and the official tempered glass for better protection; just in case you drop your phone.