[Closed] Alarm clock issue via OnePlus 9

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  1. Dipinverma
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

    Dipinverma , via OnePlus 9 , Jan 27, 2022 :
    After updating the OS to oxygen OS 12 I noticed that the alarm screen doesn't show in many cases. It's a hit and miss scenario in many cases, sometimes it shows on the screen and sometimes it doesn't!

    This bug I found out today besides other serious bugs! Like flickering screen, SD 855 showing in about section, notification of different apps not extending in notification panel and many more!

    What OnePlus is doing with the update in their phones! I just switched to OnePlus and seems like they have finally settled which is really unfortunate! Is it really the end of OnePlus!?!?!?


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  2. Stobbee
    Donut Jan 28, 2022

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    Stobbee , Jan 28, 2022 :
    I solved the issue, I just went on Apps settings, look for Clock app and deleted data and cache. Alarms now works flawlessly and the alarm screen pops up like it was supposed to do.

    EDIT--- The issue still persists when the phone is on DND mode... I wonder if there's a manual setting to let the alarm override the DND...

  3. Filogo
    Eclair Jan 27, 2022

    Filogo , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Same issue for me on OnePlus 9 Pro and latest Oxygen OS 12. If the phone is in do not disturb mode the alarm clock screen is not showing up over the others apps and the buttons are not acting on snoozing the alarm. It's a regression from Oxygen OS 11 behaviour.

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  4. G_Russell_Roberts_eUOj
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2022

    G_Russell_Roberts_eUOj , Jan 27, 2022 :
    Similar issue, prior to update could just slide to snooze or dismiss, now I have to wake the phone (touch / tap on screen rarely works post update) then tap on the alert to get either the slid dismiss / snooze, or a tap dismiss / snooze.

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  5. Stobbee
    Donut Jan 28, 2022

    Stobbee , Jan 28, 2022 :
    I have the same issue, alarm screen when is playing doesn't pop up. It's really annoying because the alarm keeps playing while you have to unlock the phone and look for the notification. Any solutions?

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  6. drmartin
    Moderator Moderator Jan 28, 2022

    drmartin , Jan 28, 2022 :
    Please report any bugs directly to OnePlus at:

    For further discussion with other customers on the problems in the update please use the existing thread: