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  1. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

    Dougrunge , Jun 30, 2015 :
    Conversation, debate and discuss, Thread about everything except: Freeswirly, ninja text, multicolor text, and other stuffs, please behave like an adults (even you aren't) be respectful and enjoy. Also share interesting words in your mother language and translate in english for make a debate thread all together ;)

    @sfomin, @Pranjal.Cmod , @bigred87xo ,@#HYPEorGTFO ,@Franjo,
    @superplus, I hope you join us and help with some Dutch words ;)
    add others.

    Arabic dictionary
    (Thanks to @MhVats)

    Manx dictionary
    (Thanks to @iomollie)

    Costa Rican dictionary
    (thanks to @bigred87xo)

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  2. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

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  3. #HYPEorGTFO
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

  4. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

  5. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

    Dougrunge , Jun 30, 2015 :
    Edit :

    Chilean Spanish Dictionary
    More Coming SOON

    A pata: on foot

    Al lote: careless, untidy; too casual

    Al tiro: right away; immediately

    Amermelado: Silly, stupid person

    Andar a lo gringo: to not wear underwear

    Apagar la tele: to become unconscious

    Arrugón(a): Someone who doesn't fulfill what they have said and pulls out (at the last minute)

    Bacán: Cool, awesome, sweet!

    Bolsero: Someone who always ask for things from everyone else (cigarettes, food etc).

    ¿Cachai?: Do you understand? Do you get it?

    Cachipún: the game "Rock, paper, scissors"

    Cacho: a problem; a difficult person or situation

    Cachurero: junk; odd bits and pieces; stuff

    Calentar la sopa: to sexually be a tease (to a male)

    Carrete: party

    Chalas: sandals

    Chela: beer

    Chueco: crooked; not straight; dishonest

    Copete: Alcoholic drink

    Copucha: a piece of gossip

    Cuico: rich snob

    Engrupir: to smooth talk

    Flaite: person from the hood.

    It doesn't matter

    Fome: boring, lame

    Guagua: baby

    Guata: belly; stomach

    Huevón: This has a thousand different meanings. Check them out here: Huevón, Weón, Güeon

    Lanza: a thief that snatches someones purse, necklace or cellphone from its owner.

    Lata: boring

    Luca: one thousand pesos CLP$1000

    Macabeo: a guy who's controlled by his girlfriend, wife, etc.

    Meter la pata: To put your foot in your mouth; to stuff something up

    Mula: fake; false

    Paco: carabinero (policeman)

    Pagar el pato: To pay the consequences

    Palta: avocado

    Pelolais: bimbo

    Pilucho: naked

    Piscola: pisco with cola

    Pito: marihuana joint


    Pololo: boyfriend

    Poto: bum

    Plata: money

    Pucho: a cigarrette

    Sapo: a nosey person

    Taco: a traffic jam

    Taxi: a fake blond. You will notice that taxis have yellow roofs and a black lower part.

    Tener mala pata: to be unlucky, to have bad luck

    Tranqui: calm (down); don't worry

    Volado: Stoned
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  6. #HYPEorGTFO
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

  7. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

  8. #HYPEorGTFO
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

    #HYPEorGTFO , Jun 30, 2015 :
    Like the idea of posting words in two languages but I only speak one

    Know tiny bit of Spanish and Japanese but not enough

  9. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

    Dougrunge , Jun 30, 2015 :
    But here you can learn more spanish, japanese I don't think so :D. But at least you can help telling us difficult word in english or slang word that for the rest is unknown

  10. Pranjal.Cmod
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

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  11. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

  12. marcezchi
    Froyo Jun 30, 2015

  13. #HYPEorGTFO
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

  14. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

  15. marcezchi
    Froyo Jun 30, 2015

  16. meatandy
    Oreo Jun 30, 2015

  17. Pranjal.Cmod
    KitKat Jun 30, 2015

  18. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015

    Dougrunge , Jun 30, 2015 :
    I didn't know you also know ukrainian, maybe you could me help with a Ukrainian girl :p

  19. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Marshmallow Moderator Jun 30, 2015

    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Jun 30, 2015 :

  20. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jun 30, 2015