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  1. mrnobodyh9
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2021

    mrnobodyh9 , Oct 20, 2021 :
    My first OnePlus phone was a OnePlus 2. From there I have been a OnePlus fan. There were 3 primary drivers that drew me to OnePlus:
    • Decent price for upper (not best but better than most) end specs
    • Oxygen OS was close to the stock Android experience
    • OnePlus was better than most all of its competitors when it came to OS and Security updates
    Over time I've not needed much in the lines of support for my phones but when I did, I got the answers and the help that I needed. Be it through OnePlus directly or via the community. It was something that enforced my fandom.

    Fast forward to today. Today, Google announces the general availability of Android 12. While the Android 12 announcement isn't really new news, there are quite a few articles about it that are worth reviewing to review the various new features and functionality. Many of those articles speculate as to what phones would get Android 12 and when. OnePlus figures prominently in many of those articles with many saying Oxygen OS 12 will be available for 6T and newer phones.

    Since my current phone is a 6T (3yrs old) I took to the OnePlus community to see what was being said. Doing a search I see numerous posts spread over a moderate period of time where customers are asking if OnePlus will make Oxygen OS 12 available on the 6T. Basic answer is your phone is 3 yrs old so 6T owners are basically SOL. Whats more, most of the posts are closed rather tersely. If you want to split hairs, no, the 6T isn't quite 3 years old yet and please don't be so short with folks who are seeing mixed messages in the news (not OnePlus' fault) and are hoping they aren't going to be left in the cold.

    Each year OnePlus improves their phone specs but there is also corresponding $100 price increase. Today's 9 Pro phone is $1069 ($969 on sale). This is effectively the same price as an iPhone 13 Pro or the new Pixel 6 Pro.

    Going back to my original draw to OnePlus:
    • Decent price for upper (not best but better than most) end specs
      No longer an incentive for me. Used to be I could buy 2 OnePlus phones for the price of a single iPhone Pro. Now they are effectively the same price. Won't belabor the spec differences.
    • Oxygen OS was close to the stock Android experience
      Still true but not as close as it used to be. Just the same, I'll give this one to OnePlus
    • OnePlus was better than most all of its competitors when it came to OS and Security updates
      No longer an incentive for me. OnePlus isn't going to update a phone that is just now 3yrs old. This was an important draw for me away from Samsung and Google. To me it now feels like OnePlus isn't really any better than the others (worse compared to Apple) from a longevity standpoint.
    If I'm going to pay a premium phone price (~$1,000) then I expect OS and security updates for longer. It isn't as if the phone hardware is so antiquated that it doesn't still work reliably after 3 years and still has enough horsepower to do most everything included in the latest software updates. Provide good customer support, provide OS/security updates for 5 years, and be beat your competitors from a pricing standpoint and you'll have me beating a path to your doorstep every time.

    So, while I do like OnePlus, the current pricing and lifecycle management models are effectively pushing me away. Can't believe I'm saying this but for the same money I can buy an iPhone, get regular updates for a MUCH longer period, and make the majority of my immediate/extended family (iPhone groupies) happier. For someone who is a OnePlus fan and does not like the Apple walled garden it pains me to be in this position but not feeling the love or incentive to stick with OnePlus.

    S, nobody
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  2. pablofg1978
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    pablofg1978 , Oct 21, 2021 :
    Hello there,
    Please use the search before creating a new thread, there are threads already open for discussion and also many threads answered.
    When you device was launched, the software update policy was clear, two years of software updates and one extra year of security updates. Oneplus delivered what it was promised, and, as far as I know, only pixel devices are the only android phones that have more support.
    Now, Oneplus has changed the support policy for the 8 series and newer devices, you can read about it here
    If your priority is to have more updates, then you are more than free to choose the device that better suit your needs.
    I invite you to read and use this thread for further discussion
    You will find instructions on how to leave your feedback directly to oneplus on the first post
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