[Closed]Android Update Fake news?

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  1. Y1563362455185
    Eclair Sep 30, 2019

    Y1563362455185 , Sep 30, 2019 :
    you all announced about the Android 10 update but I didn't get it yet if anyone knows how to do pleas let me know.

    #Oneplus 7 user

  2. Cervantes
    Moderator Moderator Sep 30, 2019

    Cervantes , Sep 30, 2019 :
    You don't have to beg for anything
    Android 10 update was released and will not reach everything at the same time
    You have a problem, You have a report forum

    Please You read the first post: update thread

    The update or beta thread is a thread of questions and/or commentary

    You can use the search engine before opening a new thread
    Thread closed, redundant

    Thank You, Cervantes, Forum Moderator