[CLOSED] Any exchange/ exchange offer from one plus 7 to ONEPLUS 7T

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    Eclair Sep 21, 2019

    NIKKI PVK , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Hey @Pete

    In June you launched OnePlus .and in July I purchased OnePlus 7 mobile. within 3 Months you are going to release new model OnePlus 7T series. I think one plus 7t is best among 7.

    main drawback I saw in oneplus 7 is camera. and some duplicate file manager app.

    and you people didn't invite Indians to London for launch ticket. at least you didn't allow us to participate in London ticket competition.

    so now I want to exchange my mobile to 7T. so any offer is there. can I get oneplus 7T for free, because my mobile was purchased in July only. so can I get any exchange offer.

    please I want to exchange my mobile. I am requesting you to look into my thread

  2. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Sep 21, 2019

    B_Wrath , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Right on cue. Just like during any mobile launch, people start demanding a free upgrade because they just bought the phone.

    Don't you think it is a stupid move if oneplus offered to a free phone!?
    They had a competition for Indians to the Indian launch event. Buy a ticket and go either to Delhi or London if you didn't win the Indian launch event.
    You want the CEO of a company to look into a free upgrade begging thread? You must feel do entitled right now.

  3. Matt 80
    Lollipop Sep 21, 2019

    Matt 80 , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Self entitled much?

  4. Bobbie63
    Marshmallow Sep 21, 2019

    Bobbie63 , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Just wait when they find out the prices. :rolleyes::D:p

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    Eclair Sep 21, 2019

    NIKKI PVK , Sep 21, 2019 :
    hello Mr, please comment properly. what's wrong in my post. if i am stupid why those people are launching Mobiles in India. if you hurt like this we Don't want to buy Chinese mobiles like: Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, redmi realme, Huawei understood

    what's wrong in asking free upgrade to OnePlus 7 to ONEPLUS 7T. if it's bad why they are releasing new models. for every 3 months new features are adding. people like you have enough money so you people will buy immediately. but for ordinary people think like this only. mostly Mobile manufacturers are releasing new brand mobiles because of ordinary people only.

    why these people offered some few tickets to London on launch event for some countries only. if they don't want to give tickets to Indians, why they are launching in India now

    I just shared my feelings with OnePlus CEO. if he is good he will understands. else he is also like u only.

    may be I will be manager to OnePlus company. so what, I am giving my ideas to improve OnePlus to stand NUM 1. if my ideas were really bad and it hurts. please immediately delete Thread ASAP.

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  6. B.I.T.S.
    KitKat Sep 21, 2019

    B.I.T.S. , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Is funny that you mention this since OnePlus is actually a Chinese company...

    With this same logic, I should ask for a 7TPro for free since I got mine less than one month ago? We are actually ordinary people like you, I guess we just have a different way of see things.

    As @B_Wrath already mentioned, they did a giveaway only for Indians.

    I am not sure how giving phones for free to people that bough phones previously is gonna work for a company, but hey, if you manage to do that, please let me know, cause I'll be the first one buying phones from your company if you are giving for free the new models.

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  7. meatandy
    Oreo Sep 21, 2019

    meatandy , Sep 21, 2019 :

  8. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Sep 21, 2019

    B_Wrath , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Then don't buy. Nobody forced you to buy an OnePlus phone.
    Because those countries call under Europe. It's just financially viable.
    Read and understand before you ask idiotic things like this.
    You have never been in a product business, have you?
    Assume you sell TVs. Will you upgrade every customer who has bought the previous model TV for free?
    I buy phones once in three years.
    Ordinary people don't beg for free upgrades. They understand that they paid for a phone they bought and be happy with that phone because it works good even after the next model is launched.
    No you are not.
    This idea will just bury oneplus. They will close so because of lack of money.
    Did you even think through your idea? D you realize how stupid it is?

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    Eclair Sep 21, 2019

    NIKKI PVK , Sep 21, 2019 :
    why I am asking for free means, i bought it just 3 months before only. that's why I'm asking

  10. pablofg1978
    Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Sep 21, 2019

    pablofg1978 , Sep 21, 2019 :
    Really? A free phone? Has this ever worked for you on anything?
    If you want the new model, sell your phone and use the money to buy anything you want.
    OnePlus releases devices twice a year, not every 3 months.
    Pointless thread closed

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