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  1. The1Lion Lollipop Feb 11, 2019

    The1Lion, Feb 11, 2019 :
    OS is Operating System and OOS is Oxygen Operating System. LOS = Lineage Operating System, COS was Cyanogen while CMOS was CyanogenMod and OOPS was oops I flashed the wrong ROM! :p

    Edit: Unless you meant when did OS become OOS on the OP devices, that would be the 2 and we all know what OP has to say about the 2 (and let's not mention the X) ;)
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  2. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Feb 11, 2019

    pablofg1978, Feb 11, 2019 :
    many apps runs process in the background, installing more apps only leads to more battery consumption.
    That does not mean that the phone software is causing a battery problem.

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  3. malidan Marshmallow Feb 11, 2019

    malidan, Feb 11, 2019 :
    So if you OS is Operating System and I say too busy tinkering with the buggy OS.
    Why would you assume I was referring to OOS? o_O
    Seen as we know the OPO was on Cyanogen.

  4. malidan Marshmallow Feb 11, 2019

    malidan, Feb 11, 2019 :
    OP said

    So.did the apps break the OS or did the OS break the apps or is it just the OS.

    Many member have also stated they have done a factory reset and they still have the issue.
    Sounds like the OS is broken somewhere to me, seen as it's happening across 3 different devices at the same time.
    With all those optimisations OP claim to do, that is the logical conclusion. :D

  5. The1Lion Lollipop Feb 11, 2019

    The1Lion, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Because you were referring to a list of OnePlus phones - all of which except for one were launched running OOS. Also I asked the question was Cyanogen also a "buggy" OS for clarification as it was the OS for the OPO.

    But more on point, I think if it were a buggy OS causing the battery drain then ALL users would experience the same issue correct? I have been reading some back and forth between users and it's possible "bad habits" could be a cause.

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  6. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Feb 11, 2019

    pablofg1978, Feb 11, 2019 :
    again, I don't face any issues even after updating.
    You just repeat what others said without any proof.

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  7. SeeBeeEss Eclair Feb 11, 2019

    SeeBeeEss, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Don't confuse the kid with logic or facts. ;)

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  8. malidan Marshmallow Feb 11, 2019

    malidan, Feb 11, 2019 :
    I answered the COS one already, buggy really buggy. I saw some things on that I have never seen since or before.
    But as I said, they were never given all the toys from the get go.

    On the list of devices, well you answered that one yourself. You assumed.

    Why would all users be affected when all user don't have the same setup or apps.
    Just like an app can break OS's, OS's can break an apps, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cell reception, Camera, DND and all the other bugs OP have fixed because the OS lacked compatability.
    Just like peoole have been clearing caches on OP devices since day one, too many speed hacks and now there is pre loaded app data to contend with.
    We see It all the time, so I personally will not mention bad practices, when the only way I could resolve the issue when I had it was to remove the OS.;)
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  9. malidan Marshmallow Feb 11, 2019

    malidan, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Good for you, but what about all the other in the battery drain and battery/ heat threads who do?

    PUBG creating standby drain ?
    Too many apps yeah?
    Or are you just saying a load of old tosh, that YOU heard elsewhere


  10. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Feb 11, 2019

    pablofg1978, Feb 11, 2019 :
    I speak by myself, so the ppl that you mention can do the same. You speak for what you read (and without any proof if that is true).
    PUBG is a heavy game and it uses a lot of battery, as many other similar games, that doesn't mean that it drains it, it just uses it.

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  11. The1Lion Lollipop Feb 11, 2019

    The1Lion, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Actually the list of devices stated by you implies (based on thread content and your statements) that you believe Oxygen OS is bad at battery management. So if I had assumed, it was a safe assumption to make. :D

    So if all users don't have the same setup or apps, then is it OS problem or app problem? I think both share blame as they should learn to co-exist but you can blame one or the other if you prefer. Not every manufacturer is going to test every app like developers are not going to test their apps against every version of Android out there as many add their own little (or big) touches to the Android OS.

    Not saying what OS is best as it depends on the individual and their needs, but I'm not sold on Oxygen being the issue for battery drain. I also cannot comment on earlier version of Oxygen as I was using my OPO through last December and probably could still have used it but had snatched up a OP6 during the sale and it was running Pie (or immediately updated to Pie once I got it) so I can only comment on my use so far.

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  12. malidan Marshmallow Feb 11, 2019

    malidan, Feb 11, 2019 :
    Again assumption I didnt imply anything, you guys on this forum love that line when I dont feed you anything.
    When I say it that means you have already said it:tearsofjoy:

    Thats 3 times now you have come with what YOU THOUGHT i said.

    Stop being silly, even more assumptions are being made here.
    Due dillengence my good man
    Have all received hot fixes after recent updates this a displays of sheer incompetence. If I was running the business someone would be in trouble.

    op stated the introduction of the update as many other have, has impacted on the performance of their device. They did offer an opinion, they offered a statement as to what has happened on their device.

    OP bragged several times about the number of optimisations they have made to improve the user experience , well what's happened ?
    Because even by OP's standards there seems to be a crisis on the horizon, the same issue across 3 different devices after December updates.
    Reddit is on fire and the no.1 sales region isn't happy.
    These same reports have been happening for years on EVERY DEVICE after an update yet it's always down to the user.:rolleyes:

    That would leave one to believe OP software is whack or OP's deployment of the update is whack.
    Other OP owners have told me they feel it is the latter, but that still doesn't cater for all the BUGS.
    So that would lead to a conclusion of both are at fault for the continual poor showing.

    What are you going to assume now.

  13. Rusty NZ Lollipop Feb 12, 2019

    Rusty NZ, Feb 12, 2019 :
    How is your mum's basement?

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  14. SeeBeeEss Eclair Feb 12, 2019

    SeeBeeEss, Feb 12, 2019 :
    Wow! I was just going to type the same thing. The kid should really get a job. :D

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  15. Rusty NZ Lollipop Feb 12, 2019

    Rusty NZ, Feb 12, 2019 :
    Indeed! But I pity the poor employer. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

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  16. The1Lion Lollipop Feb 12, 2019

    The1Lion, Feb 12, 2019 :
    So this was not in regards to Oxygen OS?

    Nor this? Then I guess there's nothing wrong with Oxygen after all. :D

    Also, as far as hot fixes go, they happen quite a bit and yes typically because something is missed or a user does something unexpected. The company I work for develops financial SW and we issue hot fixes as needed. If you punish someone everytime a hot fix is needed, good luck with your revolving door.

    You actually are assuming based on negative threads that there's a crisis brewing, yet sells seem to tell a different tale. I think there may be a dip in sales but that may come from cheaper handsets coming out now and more competition.;)

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  17. malidan Marshmallow Feb 12, 2019

    malidan, Feb 12, 2019 :
    Man you talk some idiotic stuff . it's like you feel the need to make a random nonsense post l every now and then.
    Why dont you front so I can pull you pant down again and bare your rear end again.
    Only one butthurt fanboy I liking your post l, because I didnt forgive his ignorance


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  18. Rusty NZ Lollipop Feb 12, 2019

    Rusty NZ, Feb 12, 2019 :
    And nobody liking your posts.

    Here's giving you the attention you deserve...........

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  19. malidan Marshmallow Feb 12, 2019

    malidan, Feb 12, 2019 :
    I am amazed at the total BS nonsence you continue to talk, living on every word I say as you have real arguement you can substantiate.

    Right so let me pull your nonsense to pieces.

    I said OS, you said OOS any time your ready I will pull the quote .
    Your assumptions ain't my problem.:p

    You show me where a hotfix has followed 3 OS updates with in 40days.

    Find them and bring them.

    Because i say so just ain't going to cut it.

    This is sheer incompetence and showing no care of duty to the consumer to properly test the update.


    • Hot Fix
      • Fixed connectivity issue with certain third-party Apps
      • Improved stability for Sound settings
      • Stability improvements for the system upgrade
    • System
      • Improved stability for Wi-Fi connection
      • Optimized sRGB display mode
      • Optimized Reading mode
      • Fixed issue with 4G VoLTE toggle missing
      • Fixed random reboots when Screen Casting
    Screenshot_20190212-033836_Samsung Internet.jpg
    A 1.5Gb Hotfx:confused:

    Nov 27

    OxygenOS 5.0.8(HotFix) OTA for the OnePlus 3 & 3TNov 27, 2018
    Changelog: SystemUpdated Android security patch to 2018.11
    Supported OnePlus Type-C Bullets Earphones
    ( this is new I wonder if they broke something, hold on the 5's must have had this too)

    General bug fixes and improvements
    Screenshot_20190212-030959_Samsung Internet.jpg

    DAMN a 1.65Gb update to fix 3 to things It look like the change log Is full of BS.

    OxygenOS 9.0.10(9.0.11 Hotfix) OTA for OnePlus 6T

    Changelog: SystemUpdated Android security patch to 2018.12
    Improved Wi-Fi stability for better connectivity
    Face Unlock improvements
    Camera Improved Nightscape performance

    What another 1.6Gb hotfix to sort 3 issues.
    There must be a serious issue here, no?

    3 hotfixes over 1.5gb and you say user error.:tearsofjoy:

    Now anytime your ready pick the bones out of this new update 138mb:eek:
    Not much of an update really, it looks more like a patch. Yes?
    Screen optimisation, I dont remember anyone reporting a screen issue. Maybe someone forgot to put the sub 1080p hack back in the last time.

    Screenshot_20190212-021624_Samsung Internet.jpg

    There you go again YOU THINK:tearsofjoy: why dont you actually produce something to back YOUR OPINION?
    Bare in mind battery drains have been reported on the OP6 since day 1.
    By owner, by Youtubers, 10% was the magic number overnight, now it's upto 43%.

    I dont need to think and I dont need to assume, 4 year of owner reporting and a forum, Reddit, or whereever you want to go, says there is something very amiss. Type battery drain OP6T into Google and see what you will get and it wont be your opinion.:tearsofjoy:

    I know my way around a mobile phone so when you and others say user error I just laugh, when I need to dump an OS there is deffo something wrong.
    Screenshot_20190212-023203_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20190212-023222_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Assumption yeah.

    Read through this where a dude had a replacement but had the same issue. Seeking cell reception will drain the battery YES.?
    User error?


    More assumptions by myself i guess


    As I said a long history of repeated issues says all there is to know, its time for you to PROVE SOMETHING instead of feeding of my words like a LEECH.

  20. malidan Marshmallow Feb 12, 2019

    malidan, Feb 12, 2019 :
    That was very manly of you.
    I think you will find I have twice likes you have and I didn't BROWN NOSE MY WAY TO THEM IN THE WORMHOLE.
    So your wrong their guy .:tearsofjoy:

    There was a time when forum ranking boosting threads were deleted along with the likes, I wonder how many you would have left then.

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