[CLOSED] battery drain battery drain battery drain on open beta 23

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  1. The_Rock90 Jelly Bean Mar 24, 2018

  2. varma246 Lollipop Mar 24, 2018

    varma246, Mar 24, 2018 :
    I assume that you failed to file a bug report.
    So,file it again with this below link.....

    BTW, why don't you post this in beta thread?

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  3. Sridhar Ananthanarayanan Lollipop Mar 24, 2018

    Sridhar Ananthanarayanan, Mar 24, 2018 :
    do a clean flash.

    I'm on OB23 too. won't say battery life is great. but not too bad either. I have a VPN running 24x7 which takes up maximum battery, some times as high as 40%. I still manage to get an average of 6 hours SOT with about 5 to 10% battery remaining. location enabled to battery saving mode and some apps that constantly run in the background.

    with dash charge available, I don't bother with battery that much.

  4. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Mar 24, 2018

    pablofg1978, Mar 24, 2018 :
    Please use the official beta thread for any issues with the beta
    Pointless thread closed

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