[CLOSED]Battry draining issue

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    Donut Aug 23, 2019

  2. superplus
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    superplus , Aug 23, 2019 :
    Hi, please try to comply with the forums' Terms & Rules and post in an existing thread, rather than creating your own, thank you.

    Now, the following threads might be of interest to you:

    If, after trying all the tips and tricks, so still find you are having issues with your battery life, you can make a detailed post in the first thread, with screenshots of your usage and the various apps consuming how much of your battery.

    Please note though that these are community forums, where OnePlus users and enthusiasts interact with and help each other. If you ask nicely, you will find many people willing to offer advise, but you will have to be the one to do something with the battery life of your device yourself, others can only offer you suggestions of settings to change or point out which battery-heavy applications might be draining your battery.

    Thread answered and closed.

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