[Closed] Change the Game: Back to School Offers + Student Giveaway!

  1. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Aug 5, 2019

    Ruby G. , Aug 5, 2019 :
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    Hello USA friends,

    The air gets crisper day by day, and with it, comes an urge to pick up a fresh pack of lined notebook paper, even though you haven’t finished one in years.

    Back to school is a season of new beginnings, a chance to do things differently! We’ve got some sweet offers lined up to give you a head start. They’re open to everyone in the USA region from now until August 31st. On top of these, students can use our standard Student Beans offer: 10% off accessories, 5% off devices.

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    OnePlus 6T Offer (Get it here)
    • 50 dollars off + Free Sandstone case and Type-C bullets.
    • 0% interest on 6 splits and 12 splits for installment.

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    OnePlus 7 Pro Offer (Get it here)
    • Free Sandstone case and Type-C bullets. Applicable for OnePlus 7 Pro (6GB + 128GB only).
    • 0% interest financing for 6 and 12 installment splits. Applicable for all models.

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    Bullets Wireless 2 Offer (Get it here)
    • 0% interest financing for 6 and 12 installment splits.

    Read more about our back-to-school offers here.

    And now for the student giveaway. In the spirit of how we came into the smartphone industry as a challenger company, we want to hear about your dreams to make a difference after you graduate! To enter, reply to this thread with your answer this question:

    How do you want to change the game once you graduate?

    Feel free to write, draw or submit a video! Just get your contest entry in before August 31st for a chance to win our Game Changer Bundle (Explorer Backpack + Bullets Wireless 2). Looking forward to reading your responses.

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    9/3 Update
    It's been an honor reading your stories these past few weeks. We have so many inspiring people on these forums who are striving to do good in this world. We're proud to have you in our community.

    Please join me in congratulating @Adela90, the winner of this giveaway! We'll reach out to you soon about the prize details.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their dream with us. We hope the upcoming school year is a great one. :) Anytime you need a word of encouragement, feel free to reach out. We're cheering for you.

  2. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Aug 5, 2019

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    Ruby G. , Aug 5, 2019 :
    For the giveaway, any age of student is fine :) We will verify the winner using student ID or school email.

  3. G_The_Tech_Industry_ofPB
    Cupcake Aug 5, 2019

    G_The_Tech_Industry_ofPB , Aug 5, 2019 :
    I have to be the most efficient person ,once I joined college..as I'm a YouTuber it will be a proud for me to have a OnePlus flagship ... I want the give away!!!!!

  4. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Aug 5, 2019

    camohan , Aug 5, 2019 :
    Are you from USA and a student? Sadly flagship is not part of the giveaway here.

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  5. Schafer
    US Brand Ambassador Aug 5, 2019

    Schafer , Aug 5, 2019 :
    How I want to change the game once I graduate is to combine the skills I have learned from school and apply them to my passions in Life. Which is to improve the intelligence of cars and making the user experience easier and safer.

  6. Aalay Patel
    Cupcake Aug 5, 2019

    Aalay Patel , Aug 5, 2019 :
    I'm an aerospace engineer, well, will become one once I graduate in 2021. As the resources on Earth are being used by us at an exponential rate, they will soon be depleted. I want to change the game by being on a team for a startup/company or launching my own startup for Asteroid Mining. It's still a dream for now, but so was going to Mars at some point. Yet, here we are.
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  7. Srinadh_Palavalasa
    Donut Aug 5, 2019

  8. swaraj_c.r.
    Gingerbread Aug 5, 2019

  9. G_DepressiveDepressions
    Donut Aug 5, 2019

  10. CalebAnzer
    Eclair Aug 5, 2019

    CalebAnzer , Aug 5, 2019 :
    " Love OnePlus and their Student promos/giveaways! I'm currently a broke college student that is majoring in Computer Science and in need of a new backpack and headphones. How I would like to "change the game" after I graduate is by making life easier with my programming knowledge. I want to create my own company that would specialise making everyday items better with just coding. I currently own the OnePlus Bullets v1, but they are about at the end of their lifetime now. Also really need a new backpack for the upcoming school year, since I have been using the same one since 2013! Thank you OnePlus for being an awesome company. :D
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  11. Ruby G.
    NA Community Manager Aug 5, 2019

    Ruby G. , Aug 5, 2019 :
    Thanks for sharing your story! Don't forget to answer the giveaway question to qualify :)

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  12. CalebAnzer
    Eclair Aug 5, 2019

    CalebAnzer , Aug 5, 2019 :
    Got it updated, thank you Ruby!

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  13. Larskon
    Gingerbread Aug 5, 2019

    Larskon , Aug 5, 2019 :
    I am starting this month with my study as an electrical engineer. How do I want to change the game once I graduate? My goal is to improve life for all human beings. Whether it is working on a climate change project, new types of mobility or an exoskeleton for disabled people I want to create something positive for our civilisation.
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  14. JelleZon
    Lollipop Aug 5, 2019

  15. KingKoga
    Cupcake Aug 6, 2019

    KingKoga , Aug 6, 2019 :
    I am currently studying to get a dual degree in computer science and chemistry (odd mix). Anyways, I’m hoping to change the game by eventually working with a medical device company in order to devise new technologies that can better help and assist patients in addition to people working in the medical field.

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  16. shahi14323
    Gingerbread Aug 6, 2019

  17. Isaac Urcino Martínez
    Cupcake Aug 6, 2019

    Isaac Urcino Martínez , Aug 6, 2019 :
    I'm about to start college and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm working towards receiving my Biology Major and possibly move to my Masters. I want to do this because I believe human science and technology can advance even more than it has already. More research means more possibilities, more risks, and solutions. Plus the others and I could take part in one of life's most useful technologies like growing body parts without or creating human organs in a chamber, sounds wicked but could happen! I feel like the OnePlus bundle could be a need, a fast phone is proof that we are metaphorically living in the future of yesterday.

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  18. sheikoneplus
    Eclair Aug 6, 2019

  19. Dwein_S
    Eclair Aug 6, 2019

    Dwein_S , Aug 6, 2019 :
    I'm studying to become a doctor of medicine, thinking of specializing in neurology, and I hope I can bring change to my community by giving them access to a specialist that isn't found in their area, quality affordable care, and to spare them long trips and waiting lists. I want to make my community a healthier place to live! [e]1f468[/e]‍⚕️

  20. G_Neeraj_Porwal_XSAR
    Gingerbread Aug 6, 2019

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