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  1. mido25
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 4, 2016

    mido25 , Sep 4, 2016 :
    These are the updates I have from Grarak and other devs who's working from CM14 for Oneplus 2. I will keep this thread alive with every small piece of information I get

    It's Official now!!!
    Download Nightlies from here-

    CM 14.1
    Please follow official thread for all your discussions as this thread will be closed soon.

    14th Novmeber

    Download link

    • Setup wizard carsh fix
    • LTE fix

    Build (11/12)


    Download Link

    Change Log:
    Back to HAL1 camera because of flash being out of sync (need N blobs from OP for HAL3). Added sdcardfs.
    5th November
    Build by Grarak
    Source: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/795317881949011968
    Download link: https://t.co/h3XOtVFG8K

    New stuffs
    - Camera works
    - Video works (see issues for details)
    - Display hue, saturation, intensity, contrast adjustments added
    - AudioFX fixed (see issues for details)
    - DRM added
    - VoLTE improvements (doesn't work on JIO)
    - Battery saver and performance menu fully working
    - Advanced reboot menu works
    - More to come

    Known issues
    - Lift to wake doesn't work
    - Front cam 1080p video on stock app doesn't work, use other app if you need
    - Adding custom profiles in AudioFX doesn't work
    - Landscape and circle battery icons don't work
    - More to come

    Happy flashing . .


    CM 14.1 build by Grarak & Shreesha (29th October)
    Download link: (Grarak)
    Download link: (Shreesha)
    Source: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/792322080889012224

    -Video works on stock camera app
    Use Opengapps ARM64 7.1 package of your choosing.
    Cm14. 1 from Grarak (28th October)
    Download link - https://basketbuild.com/filedl/devs?dev=Grarak&dl=Grarak/cm-14.1-20161028-UNOFFICIAL-oneplus2.zip

    Clean flash with bank gapps.

    Video recording is broken. Use 3rd party cam like footej.
    26th October
    Build from Shreesha https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862670132
    Changelog :

    - Fixed some cm bugs
    - Added Vulkan
    - Added Battery Icon Customisation
    - Added "Prevent Accidental Wakeup"
    - Added "Battery Saver and performance"
    - Fast Charging (Atleast faster than other cm14 builds).
    - Standby time improvements.
    - Overall smooth performance.
    - Added SIO (scheduler).

    Known Issues:

    -Video Recording.
    -QS battery toggle changes color when changing Battery icon.

    Bank GApps are recommended, permissions are broken in OpenGapps. Link here: https://download.dirtyunicorns.com/gapps/


    11th October
    New build from Shreesha.
    Download link

    Use Bank Gapps or else you will have some issues with permissions.

    Battery light can be changed now
    Backlight can be turned off
    Quick pulldown is included
    22nd September
    New build from Grarak
    Vulcan support is fully working in this build.
    Mirror (credits to @DJSubterrain)
    Source: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/778966966619009025
    18th September
    Grarak released another N build.
    14th September
    New build from Grarak. VoLTE support added but needs thorough testing.
    Source: Check out @Grarak's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/776102281515151360?s=09
    12th September
    This is a stable build from Shreesha.
    Download link:
    Bugs and changelog
    1. No yellow tint - removed by default
    2. No need to remove cm wizard now
    3. Slider works both screen on and off
    4. Stability , tweaked and stable kernel
    5. Vulkan api added
    6.flash ,camera , laf works
    7. Gestures work
    8. Video recording works on 1080p with google camera app
    9. No network drops , call drops .
    Some cm bugs present like default gallery app - use other app from store
    After setting up ROM , u may face a issue like no pics,no songs, no ringtones - just reboot and voila everything comes again
    11th September
    Update from Grarak - He released a build.
    Source - https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/775163075817250820?s=09
    Update from Shreesha: Alert slider is also fixed. Hopefully we'll see an build tomorrow.
    Source: https://twitter.com/ShreeshaMurthy1/status/775031704675229696

    8th September,2016
    First Alpha build released by Shreesha.
    Things working-
    RIL (Call, data and SMS)
    Source - https://twitter.com/ShreeshaMurthy1/status/773595845853794304

    Grarak also fixed the camera.
    Source: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/773687340388716544
    7th September,2016
    Looks like @Grarak is in godspeed. he fixed RIL partially (mobile data works but calls not working), GPS and sensors.


    4th September,2016

    I'm glad to inform that CM14 booted up in OnePlus 2. Work is done by Shreesha Murthy. He was the one who maintained RR and currently maintaining DU for OP2.

    Source: https://twitter.com/ShreeshaMurthy1/status/772304787635179520?s=09

    Currentl RIL is not working in the ROM. Dev said he'll release once he thinks the build is usable. He wants at least RIL and wifi working before the release.

    Another good news for today is the announcement from @Grarak he said he is also gonna start working on N
    Source: https://twitter.com/Grarak/status/772387683205283840
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    Dunnow , Sep 4, 2016 :
    So, while waiting for updates on OPT I moved to CM13, and now, I was thinking on installing OOS 3.5 when it's released for the OPT, yet, CM14 is coming... why even bother going back to OOS then?

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    Mr. BG , Sep 4, 2016 :
    Why is that? o_O

    Devs need people to test for them, right?

    Not consumerists passing by demanding stable versions... :rolleyes:

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    Tokolozi , Sep 4, 2016 :
    Didn't you hear, everyone is deathly afraid of bugs.

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    Mr. BG , Sep 4, 2016 :
    Just another Guy that's just here to collect, not share...

    Plenty of room in my Bozo Bin.

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    He can't here you it's a forum ^^ :p

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    mido25 , Sep 4, 2016 :
    Exactly. He wants to post almost a daily driver material. Let's hope he could do it.

    Good news indeed
    Our community doesn't like bugs.

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    Lancelot_69 , Sep 4, 2016 :
    Well you have a good guy working on it so that is encouraging!

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