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  1. G_Cihat_Hazar_pjwK Gingerbread Jan 3, 2018

    G_Cihat_Hazar_pjwK, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Please add feature to hide threads created by indians they are asking only only and only update eta nothing else

    I believe everyone is sick like me about pointless thread.

    PS 1 : if you think this title is just one of them, no I don't think so. Indians create more than 100 same threads per day and subject always same, update. If we can get rid of them, usability of community will be more more better.

    PS 2 : No I am not racist, just hating stupid questions

  2. Bartnl Lollipop Jan 3, 2018

    Bartnl, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Not sure if it are only Indians that are creating stupid threads.
    Think this one can also be marked as such.

    You do not have to read or react to those threads. Easiest way.

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  3. G_Cihat_Hazar_pjwK Gingerbread Jan 3, 2018

    G_Cihat_Hazar_pjwK, Jan 3, 2018 :
    Yes i will try it but also miss some threads that I can really help, that is the point they are distracting community

  4. SoniaB Nougat Senior Moderator Jan 3, 2018

    SoniaB, Jan 3, 2018 :
    This ^^
    Twice today, a post from you today, I could not have worded better myself.

    @G_Cihat_Hazar_pjwK please be mindful of the forum rules. One cannot show a lack of tolerance and respect against a fellow/member(s).

    Many users of different nationalities are guilty of this.
    The reason you may "see" mainly users from a specific region is because it may well be a much bigger user base who can post in English and not just their native language.

    Edit: to add, the inability to search or read is a pandemic on the forum, irrespective of nationality

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