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  1. saugat49
    Donut Jan 8, 2019

    saugat49 , Jan 8, 2019 :
    I am using MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova_TlnNeun_1.2_Final version. Of. Gcam. But have red dots all over front cam. Photo.
    Any solutions?

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  2. akashbhind
    Donut Jan 8, 2019

  3. d1ke
    Froyo Jan 8, 2019

  4. beingskysharma
    Eclair Jan 8, 2019

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  5. Emaeleffe
    Cupcake Jan 8, 2019

    Emaeleffe , Jan 8, 2019 :
    What is the setup for the back camera for the APK final?
    My picture are pink...
    I have oneplus 5.
    thank you!
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  6. Hak978
    Cupcake Mar 2, 2019

    Hak978 , Mar 2, 2019 :
    guys how to open pro mode after installing the latest gcam mod

  7. Waveform Modifier
    Marshmallow Mar 2, 2019

    Waveform Modifier , Mar 2, 2019 :
    You managed to find and install the modded gcam, I'm sure you can figure it out. You are a big boy.

  8. ju57_74zz
    Gingerbread Sep 16, 2019

    ju57_74zz , Sep 16, 2019 :
    Hi. I saw you are more informed about the subject. I tested recently Pixel Experience Custom ROM and it has the latest GCam port with DotFix. What is more interesting is that I had no root and the GCam worked very good, including front camera.
    At this time, I reverted to official OOS (the main reason was: poor battery life in Pixel Experience), but I kept my bootloader unlocked. And now comes my question:
    Are you aware of any flashable zip of CGam port (to be flashed via twrp) which can fix the front camera issue, but without being necessary to root my phone (like it was in pixel experience rom). The reason I don't want to root is because my home banking applications will not work on a rooted phone.

  9. G_Sumanth_Bommineni_ymqn
    Froyo Sep 16, 2019

  10. Mr_Cyrox
    KitKat Sep 16, 2019

    Mr_Cyrox , Sep 16, 2019 :
    Maybe read the thread?

    Too much?
    Not a surprise...

  11. Funk Wizard
    Lollipop Moderator Sep 17, 2019

    Funk Wizard , Sep 17, 2019 :
    Any issues with third party software has to be reported on their developers directly. Please follow the XDA thread instead if you want to use G-Cam as there are weekly updates.

    Thread closed as there is nothing oneplus can do to resolve your issue.

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