[CLOSED]good news to all one plus 7 series user

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  1. G_Siddhartha_Rayala_YcAX
    Cupcake Aug 19, 2019

    G_Siddhartha_Rayala_YcAX , Aug 19, 2019 :
    good news to all one plus user that Android 10 will roll out to one plus 7 pro Oct - 10 to 20 they will come definitely
    and one plus 7 user will get Oct 30 -10 Nov they will get definitely
    this report confirmed in the 91 mobiles

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  2. B_Wrath
    Marshmallow Aug 19, 2019

    B_Wrath , Aug 19, 2019 :
    That's speculation. How can you say definitely? 91mobiles is not official spokesperson for OnePlus.

    And don't create redundant thread for these menial things. Discuss in the existing Q announcement thread.

  3. Huigiebaby
    Honeycomb Aug 19, 2019

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  4. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Aug 19, 2019

    camohan , Aug 19, 2019 :
    If it is on internet, it must be true.

    Android Q is already available as Developers preview, so there does not seem to be any surprise that 7 and 7 pro will receive it. As far as dates are concerned, lets wait for official announcement instead of counting chickens before they hatch.

    Redundant thread closed.

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