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    DVR17 , Aug 31, 2015 :
    Put you on the reservation list now to get an invite !!

    Official FAQ
    Unofficial FAQ

    People living in countries with no launch can also get OnePlus One
    Warranty Policies

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    Chat: [OFFTOPIC] Random Nonsense Club
    Live Hangout: RNC


    week 1: Launch and Pete's trip
    week 2: Christmas and recruitment
    week 3: Logistics
    week 4: News conference prep
    week 5: Brand unveiling!
    week 6: Website building
    week 7: Stickers and Chines New Year
    week 8: Guess who just moved into a new office?
    week 9: Say hi to our new team members!
    week 10: Price point and Puppy name
    week 11: Prototype and Price Point n°2
    week 12: First Specs & Design Contest
    week 13: More Specs & Phone in a Box Contest
    week 14: StyleSwap Covers & Hong Kong Contest
    week 15: Launch & Hong Kong Contest
    week 16: Euro Price and Loads of Contests
    week 17: 801 + 3GB of RAM, E-commerce Experience and Country Revealing
    week 18/19: Launching the OnePlus One
    week 20: Smash the Past & Production Plans
    week 21: Smash the Past & Production Plans #2
    week 22: Phone Delivery & Packaging
    week 23: Getting ready for the storm
    week 24: Invites & Accessories
    week 25: Invites & Auction
    week 26: Invites, Shipments and the OnePlus Race!
    week 27: 100K Forum Users, Storm of Invites, and the World Cup
    week 28: Invites, Early Members and World Cup
    week 29: Full Speed Ahead
    week 30: Invites, Invites, Invites
    week 31: Sharing is Caring
    week 32: Blizzarding in a Bamboo Forest
    week 33: Fan Gatherings and Swag
    week 34: Developers, Developers, Developers!
    week 35: Clear Image and CyanogenMod 11S 30O
    week 36: CM 11S 33R, Summer Shots and Laser Tag!
    week 37: Ice Bucket Challenge, AMAA and Hello India!
    week 38: Lost & Found, Nameste India, and the Flagship Battle!
    week 39: The Plus Family and Upcoming Events
    week 40: And So It Begins, the OnePlus Pre-order System
    week 41: Silver Bullet Earphones, London Fan Gathering and XDA DevCon


    07/01: It's official: we're partnering with Cyanogenmod!
    13/01: OnePlus and Cyanogenmod Press Event Photos
    16/01: OnePlus Brand Unveiling: Part 1
    17/01: OnePlus Brand Unveiling: Part 2
    23/01: What We Stand For - the story of OnePlus
    28/02: OnePlus Design Philosophy: Never Settle
    05/03: The OnePlus One CPU
    09/03: The OnePlus One Battery
    11/03: The OnePlus One Screen
    15/03: OnePlus Forums Rules
    17/03: The OnePlus One Camera
    19/03: Introducing StyleSwap Covers for the OnePlus One
    27/03: Introducing OnePlus Account
    31/03: Phone in a Box Contest Winners
    08/04: The OnePlus One Performance: Only the Best - Never Settle
    09/04: The OnePlus Shopping Experience
    10/04: OnePlus Photo-Mania Contest Winners
    16/04: The OnePlus Invite System [Updated May 9]
    20/04: OnePlus One Unveiling Live Coverage
    23/04: Unveiling the OnePlus One
    26/04: Production Plans
    02/05: The Smash is Over - Donate Your Flagship!
    17/05: Invites for Our Early Supporters
    26/05: [Poll] What are your favorite productivity apps?
    27/05: Behind the Scenes: Invites are Coming!
    27/05: From Unveiling to Releasing a Flagship
    28/05: [Poll] Invites for a Cause
    31/05: Accessories Preview [Pics Inside]
    02/06: [Poll] What is the best music streaming service?
    04/06: Invites for a Cause, the Auction
    05/06: What accessory brands do you like?
    06/06: The Story of OnePlus - Chapter 3: On being Misunderstood
    09/06: New Swag On Its Way
    09/06: [Poll] What are your favorite camera apps?
    10/06: SAR Values: OnePlus One vs. Other Flagships
    11/06: Stories about our Fans - Pedro and the OnePlus One
    12/06: [Poll] 2014 FIFA World Cup
    14/06: Europe Warehouse Status
    16/06: 5 Reasons to Not Buy the OnePlus One from Scalpers
    16/06: Product Rollout Plans - Pre-orders Later in 2014
    16/06: [Poll] Do any of you use Wearable fitness trackers or apps to track activity?
    20/06: A Few Words on Production Capacity
    23/06: From Our Perspective
    25/06: July Plan for Early Supporters
    01/07: Shipping the Storm of Invites
    01/07: New Memberschip Levels: Desserts for Everybody
    02/07: Production Update (Jun-Aug)
    03/07: New Forum Subcategories
    04/07: Tapatalk Being Removed
    11/07: OnePlus to Attend XDA: DevCon '14
    16/07: Update on Invites to Share
    17/07: Changes to USA shipping - Signature now required
    22/07: All About StyleSwap Covers: Bamboo, Silk White and Sandstone Black
    06/08: Invites in August
    11/08: Introducing Clear Image!
    11/08: CM 11S 30O, OTA Slowly Rolling Out!
    14/08: Spoofing Alert!
    22/08: CM 11S XNPH33R OTA, Security Update
    26/08: Changes to Watching of Threads
    26/08: 200K forum users - "Second chance invites" are here!
    29/08: Invites in September
    18/08: Introducing the OnePlus Blog
    18/08: The OnePlus Pre-order System
    24/08: Introducing the OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones
    28/08: Invites in October


    20/05: Techcrunch
    19/05: Youtube: Marques Brownlee
    09/05: Youtube: Android Authority
    09/05: Youtube: Engadget
    06/05: Youtube: TechRadar

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