[Closed]How to install oxygen os beta version

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  1. Badri Raghavan
    Cupcake Sep 24, 2018

    Badri Raghavan , Sep 24, 2018 :
    In One plus 5 how can I install & use beta version What are the steps to use beta version.. please guide me a proper way to install bet version thanku u.

  2. danvxz
    Honeycomb Sep 24, 2018

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 24, 2018

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  4. JackSparrow1727
    Eclair Sep 24, 2018

    JackSparrow1727 , Sep 24, 2018 :
    if you don't know the steps to flash beta or steps to search thn it's better for you to stay away from beta thing.

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  5. ankitgondalia
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Sep 24, 2018

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  6. otto2
    Photography Expert Sep 24, 2018

    otto2 , Sep 24, 2018 :
    You do not know how to install it? So you re too lazy to read? Or not able to? You do not have the basic knowledge about software and android?
    OK, now tell us:
    HOW do YOU want to help? Beta is for users, who want to help,and who are able to do so. Once you ve registrated in this community, you agreed to follow the forum rules, hence you should search first before opening up another redundant thread.

  7. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator Sep 24, 2018

    Cervantes , Sep 24, 2018 :
    The installation instructions are in the beta thread
    You can use the theme search before opening a new thread
    Thread closed redundant

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