[Closed]Is one plus 3t had android pie update??

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  1. naga888raju
    Cupcake May 17, 2019

  2. Madnezz4Ever
    Jelly Bean May 17, 2019

    Madnezz4Ever , May 17, 2019 :
    Only the community beta is out and there is no release date. You could of answered your own question by browsing or search the forum.

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  3. Cervantes
    Lollipop Moderator May 18, 2019

    Cervantes , May 18, 2019 :
    a thread will open with the announcement of the update

    The update or beta thread is a thread of questions and/or commentary

    Please, You can use the search engine before opening a new thread
    Thread closed

    Thank You, Cervantes, Forum Moderator

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