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  1. BadGuyGenius
    Froyo Apr 27, 2020

    BadGuyGenius , Apr 27, 2020 :
    I can see now that if you post something there moderators can't handle them your post gets deleted. I find this really bias towards certain people in a very sexy country. I thought this forum was for ANYONE to post in. I'm quickly finding this isn't the case with said moderators if this forum. It's actually called COMMUNISM. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Just because one person doesn't fit into your little club you choose to censor their posts altogether. It's very hard for the moderators to sit back and let a general user post something of more knowledge than the actual moderators. In retaliation they simple close or delete the general user posts. If that's what the OnePlus community is about then I'm out. Communism: where if you don't agree with the moderators or make them look like idiots then you get banned. WHAT A JOKE! calling this a community forum.

  2. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Apr 27, 2020

    pablofg1978 , Apr 27, 2020 :
    Hello again,
    Please read and follow the forum rules

    3. To avoid duplicating content, search similar threads before posting or creating a new discussion

    New joiners and normal users are strongly advised to use search function before starting a new discussion. Other members may have already shared about the specific subject or addressed the question you are about to ask. If you post a thread that is very similar to already posted ones, it may get merged or closed by the moderation team.
    7. Editing / Closing / Deleting Threads
    The moderation and Admin team reserves the right to edit, merge, close, or delete any thread at any time. You will receive a notification explaining the reason why a thread has been modified or closed. If you are unhappy with the decision made by moderators, firstly reach out to the moderator responsible for the explanation. If that discussion is not fruitful, refer to an administrator. Admin decisions are final.

    If a thread or post was closed or deleted is because it does not follow the rules. By Joining this community you acepted to follow this rules.

    If you have any problems about an action taken by a mod, please use the report function or contact the moderator directly by a private mesage.I will kindly suggest you that you do it in a respectful manner.

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